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Asked by Akerbeltz

Is there any way of making the uNav maps, which are pulled from OSM as far as I understand, display the localized placenames on a localized phone? For example, I can search for "Port Rìgh" on OSM and it will correctly point me at Portree but it shows the name in English on the map, both on OSM and in uNav.
Any way around that?

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costales (costales) said :

Hi Akerbeltz,

In uNav that can't be possible, they are images.

I think the names are coming from the official names of every
From my basic knowledge in this area, if "Port Rìgh" it's an official name,
you should work in OSM for changing that.

I'll copy @xuacu, I'm sure he will know more about this :)

Best regards.

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Akerbeltz (fios) said :


Though "official" is a tricky concept. It seems that in Belgium (2) and Switzerland (4) more than one language is displayed in accordance with recognized official languages. But the Irish of the Irish Republic uses English even though Irish is the official language, technically speaking. In Catalunya, only Catalan seems to feature, mostly...

I'll wait for xuacu's views before I pester OSM.

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Xuacu Saturio (xuacusk8) said :

Hi, Akerbeltz, Costales, all

OSM, is not a map. Actually, it's a geographical database which contains a lot of features represented (or not) in the form of a classical map. Place names are just some of the features in that database. Let's see the Port Righ case (a nice place, btw).

If you open the area with an OSM editor you will find a point near where the name is rendered with the following information (and more):
name | Portree
name:gd | Port Rìgh
name:ru | Портри
So you can search the name in any of the three languages and you will get the point coordinates (remember, it's a database) But, what about seeing the actual name?

The maps one can see in the net are just renderings of some of the features in the database. The usual OSM map takes the feature "name" and renders it on the map. There are some other institutions (non profits, usually) offering versions of the map in different languages (they use "name:xxx" as main name for the rendering and have "name" as fallback.

I don't know the policy about official names used by OSM community in UK; in Spain we use the official name in the "name" field. For example, for Xixón we use name=Gijón/Xixón (official) name:es=Gijón and name:ast=Xixón

In case we can get a sponsor we could have a map just in Asturian language; else the info is still there until we can figure a way to use it.

Hope this info will help you; there is a lot more (really!) in OSM wiki. Please, don't hesitate to ask more if you need, I'll be very pleased to help you if I can.

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Akerbeltz (fios) said :

Hi Xuacu

OK so basically uNav pulls whatever is in the name= field, whatever that is. So presumably one would have to argue with OSM about whether Scottish place names in the name= field should have name=Portree/Port Rìgh or not.

Does the sponsor actually have to pay money or do you think there might be a way of getting Canonical to sponsor a smart map that for each available Ubuntu Touch locale pulled name:xxx to match the Touch locale?

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costales (costales) said :

@Akerbeltz: uNav is getting the maps (as image) from Mapquest, there are
not money or sponsors for changing the map. uNav or Canonical can't do
anything about update the map. It's created by Mapquest from the OSM data ;)

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Akerbeltz (fios) said :

So at the moment it goes
OSM > Mapquest > uNav
but could it go
OSM > Canonical Map > uNav?

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costales (costales) said :

uNav will use the Mapquest map, then not.

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Akerbeltz (fios) said :

Sorry, I don't understand that. You mean uNav will use Mapquest, irrespective of what else might be available?

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Xuacu Saturio (xuacusk8) said :

About Portree/Port Rìgh, I encourage you to get in touch with your local community of OSM mappers. They will tell you about the common usage of the "name" tag in the UK. As a rule of thumb, in Spain we use the same name that you can read in a city/street/whatever name sign.

About maps: OSM map is made of image tiles, in different zoom levels. These tiles must be rendered (by using Imagemagick, if my memory serves me well) which may be a resource consuming task, and then served to the end users (bandwidth consuming) When I say "sponsor" I mean anyone able to provide these resources to build a server who can handle both rendering and serving these tiles for, say, Gàidhlig.

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Akerbeltz (fios) said :

Ok thanks, with you now.