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Asked by Michele Giacomoli on 2015-12-28

I added some changes to OSM maps more than one month ago. I can already see that changes in, but can't see the same changes in uNav (but also in OSM Touch). I tried deleting cache, but nothing changed. Where does uNav (and OSM Touch) take the maps from. How frequently are they updated?

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Michele Giacomoli
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costales (costales) said : #1

Hi Michele,

You can search into the OSM Nominatin:
It should take ~1 day.

For check this, search into the uNav's search, not into the Nearby
feature (I'll adapt Nearby to OSM Nominatin too in next release).

A hug!

Hi Marcos.
Searching in uNav for streets I renamed gives me correct and update results, but maps are still outdated (despite maps in nominatin ). Where are this fetched from?

Thank you

costales (costales) said : #3

You'll find in uNav everything that you find here:
Could you send me an example from you?
Best regards!

Hi Marcos,
Take this example:
I added some buildings in OSM here:
You can already see here in OSM, like in nominatin:
But if I look at the same coords in uNav I get this empty space as it was before I updated it:,10.5200
I made this changes more than one month ago. I wonder why this changes take so much to be updated.

I don't think this is a uNav related "problem", because also other apps (like OSM Touch) are outdated like this. I just wonder where do this apps get map tiles from.

Best regards

costales (costales) said : #5

Oh! You're talking about the tiles, sorry, I didn't understand that.

The tiles are from open mapquest ( and they
are not so updated as OSM, I'm not sure how often they are updated.

Anyway OSM Touch is using OSM directly (I think).

Thank you very much!!
I'll investigate about their update schedule

I don't know if OSM Touch uses OSM directly or not, but its tiles seem to be outdated like in uNav

Best regards, Marcos!
And good work with uNav!

costales (costales) said : #7

Uhm, a few more info:

> tiles at low zoom levels are updated very infrequently (>12 months), in some geographic regions at least

For see your POI, the zoom should be really big, then it could explain this.

My apologies for this, I would like to migrate to offline OSM maps ASAP.

Best regards!

Sigh, and this news are not encouraging:

Yeah, migrating to offline maps would be great, even if I really didn't feel the need for it right now (but one day I'll do)

Don't worry, keep up the good work ;-) , I just was curious about uNav's behavior, and now I have the answer!

Thank you again