Will Oneric make UGR obsolete?

Created by JC Hulce

Because Oneric (11.10) is being built using GNOME 3, there has been talk that it may make the UGR project obsolete. However, there are some things that the Oneric team has not done yet that we have. It is still the impression that Oneric will not include a fallback session option. We hope that the package that provides such an option (Made by the awesome GNOME 3 team) will make it into the distribution/ main archive. Also, we want the GNOME 3 shell available as a session option. There are other small things too, like the Cantarell font, which we will propose for Oneric main.

If Oneric does make UGR obsolete, wasn't this project a total waste?
Absolutely not. If all of the features we set out to ship are present in Oneric, then we have accomplished our project goals. This project has also taught me volumes about how Ubuntu works and can be modified, and I plan to document this so others can follow in our footsteps. This project has also created several packages that we plan to contribute to Ubuntu main/ universe for Oneric, such as Cantarell and Packtools.

In the current future, this will not affect the project at all. We'll still work towards our existing release dates and such. Also, we'll work with the Oneric team on the points described above, and give back to Ubuntu.

This is a FAQ, not a question.