error remastering easypeasy 1.0

Asked by Uwe Debacher on 2009-02-08

I am trying to remaster an easypeasy 1.0 (Ubuntu for eeepc) with UCK.

I am using "de" as language to install and as language to be used at boot of live CD and gnome as desktop environment.

UCK starts to mount and unpack the iso, everything seems to be fine. But at the end, after unpacking the SquashFS image, yust before giving me the chance to get a shell ore change the package list, UCK stops and tells me:

Package-language-support-de is not available, but is referred to by another package.

and then UCK stops with an build failure.

UCK is running on an Ubuntu 8.10 where this packet, its an meta packet, is installed an all needed repos are in sources.lst

Any idea how i can manage to go on??

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Uwe Debacher (uwe-debacher) said : #1

I yust tried with language en, the same problem, "language-support-en is not available". Does UCK only work with original Ubuntu-Version?

does easypeasy have gnome or xfce?

sorry the last question is wrong, anyway uck works on standard ubuntus, it's quite strange easypeasy has no language-support packages but i don't know :-\

Uwe Debacher (uwe-debacher) said : #4

thanks for you answer. I found that easypeasy ist missing the Meta-Packages language-support-xx and there is no /etc/apt/sources.lst.

I had to remaster the CD manually according to After integrating the Meta-Package and the sources.lst I could use UCK on the new CD.

Is there any way to this easyier using the UCK scripts?

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #5

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