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Asked by Alex on 2007-05-27

I have downloaded Ubuntu studio from 3 different sources
and all produce the same hash code - 3f17b4cc73ab315e4f9d1be675a8f7b0.
This code does not correspond to any code on the hash page.

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Hanusz leszek (leszek-skynet) said : #1

It seems this hash is present on internet but apparently not on trusted sites:

I didn't find a hash page for ubuntu studio.
What is this hash page you are talking about ?

Alex (alex-hayes) said : #2

Here is the hash page on ubuntu

Hanusz leszek (leszek-skynet) said : #3

You probably should file a bug report to request the ubuntu studio hashes on this page:

If it isn't an official md5sum, you take your are taking your own chances.

It is _not_ a bug -- those hashes aren't maintained by the people who created the disks. Again, via the torrent or otherwise, you should compare your ISOs to officially published md5sums.

For example, on the official mirrors page, you can link to:

and find an offically published md5sum.

There is _NO_ point in publishing an md5sum on a target that can be changed such as a wiki. A malicious individual would simply change the md5sum to look valid.

Hanusz leszek (leszek-skynet) said : #5

hmm this is what I thought at first but this portion of the wiki is not editable so it is secure.

On the contrary there is no point to download the md5sum in the same place that you download the iso because you only need one server compromised to create a security risk.

True enough regarding a single source site, but if cross checked from a different mirror, it should be sufficient.

With regards to the wiki, the /community portion is editable. Above that namespace is not. From what I can see, the /community/UbuntuHashes is editable.

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I stand correct, the Ubuntu hashes page is immutable.


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