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Asked by Ward on 2007-05-17

I would be very grateful if anyone could make a deb of the program "veejay". (And gephex0.4.4 would be very nice too)
Veejay seems very hard to get installed properly from source on ubuntu, from what i know most people that VJ with linux know or heard about veejay, so i think a deb for veejay (and/or gephex) would make many VJ's happy.

veejay: ,
link to the source:

I don't want to ask too much but if somebody has the time for it:

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Gijs Molenaar
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I'm a VJ and I've heard about the app. I don't personally use it. But it's true it would really be nice to have it packaged for ubuntu.

I'll be looking if this is possible and if yes, doing so the next few days. Will tell you when I know.


Ward (wardje20) said : #2

Nice, that was fast :-)
Thanx for looking into it
It would surely be nice since its so hard to get installed from source.

Flagging as answered and drawing Luke's attention to it.

sam_uk (sam-bristolwireless) said : #4

I would also like a .deb..

Gijs Molenaar (gijzelaar) said : #5

We are working on it :). Expect finished packages soon, we have some minor issues left in the packaging process.

Ward (wardje20) said : #6

Very nice, Thanx in advance!
Keep us updated please :-)

Ward (wardje20) said : #8

Thanx again, AMD64 is working so far on my core2duo :-)

Gijs Molenaar (gijzelaar) said : #9

very happy to hear that :) Please let me know if you encounter any problems or see any strange things in the package structure.

Jaromil (jaromil) said : #10

hey cool :)

veejay's author Niels packs himself this software in .deb and .dyne might be worth comparing his binary and this to check no compile-time features are missing.

FYI there are also ready freej 0.10 packages
another software for veejay / tv and streaming theora

btw Niels if you read this please reply my old mails about old trac migration i keep the full wiki backups until then


Gijs Molenaar (gijzelaar) said : #11

I've created these package together with matthijs, the 'release manager' of veejay and a friend of niels. I think you can call the new packages the official veejay debs now.

I think the deb source packages would work for debian, maybe some small adjustments. I'm trying to get veejay in Debian itself, but we are too late for the next release (lenny) since that package freeze already started.

So hopefully veejay will be in the next release of debian and also in the next next release of ubuntu (9.04).

Jaromil (jaromil) said : #12

ack! yes matthijs is the men, so i will definitely keep in mind this package as the ultimate one for ubuntu

btw maybe is better to inform matthijs about the veejay website that was hosted on we had to remove all trac websites because of spam/Dos on the machine and so it went veejay, there are several valuable pages with informations in the wiki of the trac, which of course are all kept, also dumped as plain text as on

so you/him can either setup the website somewhere else, or even host a trac directly then i can pass over the trac dir and even redirect the url so that no links are lost around

thanks and apologies to take this thread for different topics but at least i get answers here :)


Ward (wardje20) said : #13

Thanks Gijs Molenaar, that solved my question.

Psychopump (belowareptile) said : #14

I have installed all the debs, but cannot find the apps launcher anywhere....any help please

Zorba (zorbaproject) said : #15

I prepared a .deb package for veejay and reload, version 1.5.2: you can find them here:

and within one or two days they will be in my repository: