Transfering same file between computers localy causes confilict.

Asked by Kristian Frisk on 2009-12-13

I have a huge number of files I want to transfer from computer A to computer B. Instead of first uploading them all to the UbuntuOne servers from Computer A and then down again from the servers to Computer B, I just rather put a copy of all the files from computer A to B locally and have UbuntuOne realize that the files are "the same". (Saving me one download.)
When I last did that however I got a lot of conflicts giving me two of the same files with the ending .u1conflict[.NN].

Is there I way I could do that with UbuntuOne?
This, by the way, works great in Dropbox.


I experience the same problem: Loads of files get "u1conflict" without having changed them.

Observation: It affects mostly folders that contain the additional data of complete html downloads, but not only.

A possible explanation are the props of the files:

I have the same files on two Karmic computers, but I need to use and modify the Ubuntu One-content on windows machines, so I sync the Ubuntu One Folder to a vfat USB drive (using unison-gtk), and mounting the drive with dmask=022,fmask=133,uid=1000,gid=1000 in fstab. There is a permanent prop conflict at the root "Ubuntu One/" announced by unison-gtk.

Another possible cause of the trouble is the fact that mostly my unison-syncing is faster to sync than the ubuntu-one client, as stated above.

So far, no data has disappeared, I only carry loads of "u1conflict"s. I tell unison to ignore all .u1conflict files, that works fine, at the moment.

(By the way: Why not enable "ignore" options like in unison, e.g. for all the .lock files from open office, that are uselessly up- and downloaded and carried around?)

Facundo Batista (facundo) said : #2

This is most probably happened because of adding same folders in two machines before waiting it to synch.

It's a known bug (#499035), we'll fix it in the near future.

Thanks for your question!

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