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Asked by Jugney on 2010-04-11

I backup certain files, like installation files for large programs, to a USB drive, without the desire to keep those files stored on my local disk.

Can I use Ubuntu One in a similar way? Since that drive is getting old, I'd like to back up its contents to Ubuntu One, but don't want those files to sync back onto my local drive. Is this possible? If not, it would be a great feature!

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Joshua Hoover (joshuahoover) said : #1

Hi, Thank you for taking the time to ask this question and request a new feature! Currently we only synchronize files and don't provide a backup service like you're looking for. We may considering adding this functionality in the future but currently this is not on our roadmap. Thank you, Joshua

Jon (fbrj99) said : #2

I have the same question as Jugney, and I'm confused! I just subscribed, expecting to be able to use Ubuntu One to backup essential files. Indeed the Features page specifically mentions "allowing you to store essential stuff away from your computer" and "backing up your photos...". I bunged a file into the Ubuntu One folder expecting it to get uploaded to the cloud, but it doesn't. If this service is only for synchronising files between computers, then why not just sync them directly with rsync, why is any cloud storage even needed? Have I completely mis-understood what Ubuntu One is trying to provide? Perhaps the description on the features page needs updating so that it doesn't give people the wrong impression of what is being provided.

Matt Griffin (mattgriffin) said : #3

Jon: I suppose one could use rsync to keep files in sync across multiple computers, but they would lose some other Ubuntu One features.
 - accessing your files from a web browser when away from your computer
 - synchronization of other important stuff other than files - contacts, notes, bookmarks and more in the future
 - synch your Ubuntu desktop contacts to your mobile phone (currently in alpha test)
 - simple to setup and use
 - sharing folders with specific people and files with the public (at Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)
 - benefits of combining your synchronized contacts with other Ubuntu One services like files (today) and other features in the future

There are definitely ways for individuals to piece together other technologies to accomplish all of these other things but it's quite difficult to do unless you are an advanced programmer... and not everyone is at this level.

Geraldomat (gerald-seggewies) said : #4

I need to agree to Jon and Jugney: I have ubuntu Remix running here on an eee Netbook and had the idea of increasing my available disk space of currently 16 GB (the SSD in the eee) to 18 GB or even 66 GB using ubuntu one.
Being able to sync data with my other ubuntu machines via ubuntu one is great! Being able to use ubuntu one additionally as kind of external storage (like nfs) would be even better ;-)

Siep Kroonenberg (siepo) said : #5

Has anything changed since the previous messages? With only syncing, Ubuntu One is just not useful to me.

Stuart Langridge (sil) said : #6

It is possible, if you're able to write a little code, to save data into Ubuntu One and have that data not sync back down to your machine(s). Essentially, it works like this:

1. create a cloud folder in Ubuntu One (on the U1 website)
2. do not tick to sync that folder in the U1 control panel on any machine (so it will reside only in the personal cloud)
3. use the Ubuntu One REST files API (https://one.ubuntu.com/developer/files/store_files/cloud/) to store files in the cloud

You may find http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2011/07/12/saving-a-folder-into-ubuntu-one a useful start here (I needed to do a similar thing to what you're asking for).

Siep Kroonenberg (siepo) said : #7

This looks indeed useful. But it will be a few weeks before I have time to try it out.

Siep Kroonenberg (siepo) said : #8

I had a look at this API, but it turns out to be too far into unfamiliar territory for me.

I'd just like to submit my two pence worth here by saying this is a feature I would love to see in U1. I have found lots of old photos from an old laptop hard drive I no longer use, the photos I want to hold on to and have instant access to yet I don't require them to be clogging up my drive day in day out. I was just using the Web interface hoping to find a way or create a new non sync'd folder with no joy.... Everything done on there ends up appearing on my local disk.

Can anything be implemented to allow every U1 member not be allowed to divide their storage up into Sync'd and non Sync'd? Surely (and I'm no advanced programmer here) it's a case of adding or removing flag from a folder or file in the web interface to stipulate whether or not the item is sync'd across devices or not?

Sorry also for reviving what looks like a long dead discussion. If this has been mentioned elsewhere more recently I apologise for not finding it.

Hi Leo

Many thanks for the rapid response, what you suggest will come in handy... I just don't understand why it has not been implemented in a more user friendly way.

It's not a lazy thing but more of a issue with trying to get away from command lines which is what Ubuntu linux is striving for. (Being all user friendly for beginners etc)

Thanks once again for your help and quick response.


Leo Arias (elopio) said : #12

Matt, I reported this bug 1172853 as a whishlist to allow user-designated folders to be created through the web ui.

Also, bug 545554 and bug 571310 are about making the feature more usable.

You can mark some of those bugs as affecting you, report new ones and add comments or suggestions on them.

pura vida.

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