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Asked by Fabio Costa on 2010-02-21

First of all, You are working very very well.
Ubuntu one, is an innovative idea.

My tips/ideas ;
1) It would be better to have the possibility to share only a folder, and not the "whole" My files..
2) It'd be useful to have the possibility to use command like CTRL+C / CTRL+V
3) If I share a folder, I'd like to have the possibility to remove the sharing
4) Finally it would useful the possibility to share folders with any kind OS (windows mac etc..)

I think that you are working very very well.

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Joshua Hoover
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Duane Hinnen (duanedesign) said : #1

Wow, great ideas. I am glad you took the time to share these. There are many new features planned for Lucid. I think Ubuntu One is going to take a great leap forward in the upcoming release. Please continue to share your ideas because it is this feedback and participation from users that makes FOSS so great.

I am going to leave your question open in case someone who has more knowledge of the specifics coming up in Lucid cares to comment.

Additionally it is nice to see someone take the time to post positive comments. All to often people only post comments when things are going wrong. I agree with you, the U1 team is taking on an ambitious project and doing a great job executing it.


Best Joshua Hoover (joshuahoover) said : #2

Hi Fabio,

Great ideas and feedback! Let me see if I can provide some insight:

1) In Lucid (10.04) you will have the ability to define which folders on your computer you want to synchronize. This means you won't be forced to put everything into the ~/Ubuntu One/ folder. :-)

2) I'm assuming you're referring to Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V in the web UI? If so, we'll take it into consideration for future development but don't currently plan on delivering this before the release of Lucid.

3) You can remove a share using the web UI. You can find details on this under the tutorials for file sharing here:

4) This is a popular request. We are working hard to make all our services work great on Ubuntu first and then on other platforms. We are encouraging others to build clients that support other platforms. If you (or someone you know) are interested in doing this please contact me directly joshua.hoover at canonical dot com.

Again, thank you for sharing your ideas and supporting Ubuntu!


Fabio Costa (fabio-costa-1) said : #3

Dear Joshua, thank you.
Ubuntu one is already useful, even if it can be improved, and you (have done) are doing a very good work.