Does Ubuntu One work on Kuki Linux?

Created by Joshua Hoover on on 2009-09-03

Thanks to Joeb ( we're able to say Ubuntu One is known to work on Kuki Linux. We do not officially support Ubuntu One on Kuki Linux, but it does work. Here is what Joeb had to say about his install:

I just wanted to report that ubuntuone works with the new Kuki Linux 2.8. Kuki is a Ubuntu derivative based on XFCE. The only thing that had to be done differently, was that the ppa had to be added manually -- for some reason, gdebi kept reporting it as corrupt after downloading it.

Manually added ppa.deb and then client in synaptic and then launched Ubuntuone from the icon. Midori (the default browser in Kuki Linux) opened the page just as it should.

Everything is working as expected.