How do I install the Ubuntu One client software on Kubuntu?

Created by Joshua Hoover on on 2009-06-25
Last updated by:
Joshua Hoover on on 2010-01-15

For Kubuntu users:

First try the KDE client Harald Sitter wrote by installing the following PPA:

If that does not work for you, please try installing the GNOME client developed and supported by the Ubuntu One team:

 1) Go to
 2) Click on the "Add PPA" button and save to your computer when prompted
 3) In a Konsole session navigate to the folder where you saved the "ubuntuone-jaunty-ppa.deb" file
 4) Run: $ sudo gdebi ubuntuone-jaunty-ppa.deb
 6) Install the PPA when gdebi is launched and asking if you want to install the PPA
 7) Back in Konsole, run: $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntuone*
 8) Follow steps 3-5 at

NOTE: The Ubuntu One applet should show up in your task bar where the volume indicator and other widgets are.