Reporting a problem

Created by MichaƂ Karnicki on on 2011-08-25

If you have a problem with Ubuntu One Files, versions 1.0.3rc5 and up allow collecting logs and sending them to us developers, to better understand what we can fix or how we can improve our Android app.

If you would like to help resolve any issues you may have, please follow the steps below:

- Navigate to Ubuntu One Files > Menu > Settings > Report problem
- Check the "Collect logs" button
- At this stage, you should try to attempt what is not working for you (download a file, take a picture which would then auto-upload, etc)
- Once you think something didn't work as expected, navigate once again to "Report problem"
- You can review collected logs if you wish, by touching "Review logs" option
- When ready, touch "Send collected logs", optionally (most appreciated!) including a comment what did you expect to happen / what went wrong.

Once we receive your logs we will look into how we can help.