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Jaunty was delivered in April 2009 on the normal six-month Ubuntu cycle. It was designated 9.04.

The Jaunty Jackalope has no packages recorded in Launchpad.

Series information

Jaunty (9.04)
Project drivers:
Ubuntu Drivers, Ubuntu Release Team
Release manager:
Ubuntu Release Team
Derives from:
Jaunty (9.04) is not derived from another series.
Derived series:
No derived series.
Source packages:
No sources imported or published.
Binary packages:
No binaries imported or published.

Upstream packaging

1292  source packages are linked to registered upstream projects. 0  need linking.

Recently linked to upstream:

firefox linked

alsa-driver linked

ubuntu-meta linked

gnomeradio linked by Adolfo Jayme Barrientos

bacula linked by Mathew Hodson


19 of 9 results
Version Expected Summary
Ubuntu jaunty-updates 2010-10-23
Ubuntu ubuntu-9.04 2009-04-23
Ubuntu ubuntu-9.04-beta 2009-03-26
Ubuntu jaunty-alpha-6 2009-03-12
Ubuntu jaunty-alpha-5 2009-02-26
Ubuntu jaunty-alpha-4 2009-02-05
Ubuntu jaunty-alpha-3 2009-01-15
Ubuntu jaunty-alpha-2 2008-12-18
Ubuntu jaunty-alpha-1 2008-11-20
19 of 9 results

Architectures and builds for Jaunty