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Hardy is the second Long Term Support ("LTS") release of Ubuntu, with a strong emphasis on supportability for long term deployments on both the desktop and the server.

Hardy was delivered in April 2008 on the normal six-month Ubuntu cycle. It was designated 8.04 LTS. There were scheduled point release (8.04.1 to 8.04.4) about three months after the initial release and at six-month intervals thereafter. For this LTS, Canonical validated Hardy against a full portfolio of servers from major vendors, as well as running a certification program for ISVs.

The Hardy Heron has no packages recorded in Launchpad.

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Hardy (8.04)
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Ubuntu Drivers, Ubuntu Release Team
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Ubuntu Release Team
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Version Expected Summary
Ubuntu hardy-updates None place holder for bugs to be considered for SRU - post 8.04.4 release.
Ubuntu ubuntu-8.04.4 2010-01-21
Ubuntu ubuntu-8.04.3 2009-07-02
Ubuntu ubuntu-8.04.2 2009-01-01
Ubuntu ubuntu-8.04.1 2008-07-01
Ubuntu ubuntu-8.04 2008-04-24
Ubuntu ubuntu-8.04-beta 2008-03-20
Ubuntu hardy-alpha-6 2008-03-06
Ubuntu hardy-alpha-5 2008-02-21
Ubuntu hardy-alpha-4 2008-01-31
Ubuntu hardy-alpha-3 2008-01-10
Ubuntu hardy-alpha-2 2007-12-20
Ubuntu hardy-alpha-1 2007-11-29
113 of 13 results

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