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Gutsy introduces a number of interesting desktop features, like Compiz Fusion for 3D desktop effects, and instant printer configuration.

In addition, this release features AppArmor for extra security on servers, and a variety of out-of-the-box server configurations that address mail, print, database and file server tasks, making Ubuntu fast to deploy and manage on the server.

The Gutsy Gibbon has no packages recorded in Launchpad.

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Gutsy (7.10)
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Ubuntu Drivers, Ubuntu Release Team
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Ubuntu Release Team
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Version Expected Summary
Ubuntu gutsy-updates 2007-12-31
Ubuntu ubuntu-7.10 2007-10-18
Ubuntu obsolete-milestone 2007-10-18
Ubuntu ubuntu-7.10-rc 2007-10-11
Ubuntu ubuntu-7.10-beta 2007-09-27
Ubuntu tribe-6 2007-09-06
Ubuntu tribe-5 2007-08-23
Ubuntu tribe-4 2007-08-09
Ubuntu tribe-3 2007-07-19
Ubuntu tribe-2 2007-06-28
Ubuntu tribe-1 2007-06-07
111 of 11 results