Binary package “libmagplus3v5” in ubuntu focal

ECMWF meteorological plotting software library

 Magics++ is the latest generation of the ECMWF's Meteorological plotting
 software MAGICS. Although completely redesigned in C++, it is intended to be
 as backwards-compatible as possible with the Fortran interface.
 Besides its programming interfaces (Fortran and C), Magics++ offers MagML,
 a plot description language based on XML aimed at automatic web production.
 The library supports the plotting of contours, wind fields, observations,
 satellite images, symbols, text, axis and graphs (including boxplots).
 Data fields to be plotted may be presented in various formats,
 for instance GRIB 1 and 2 code data, Gaussian grid, regularly spaced grid
 and fitted data. Input data can also be in BUFR and NetCDF format
 or retrieved from an ODB database.
 The produced meteorological plots can be saved in various formats,
 such as PostScript, EPS, PDF, GIF, PNG, SVG and KML.