Binary package “guile-gnutls” in ubuntu focal

GNU TLS library - GNU Guile bindings

 GnuTLS is a portable library which implements the Transport Layer
 Security (TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) and Datagram
 Transport Layer Security (DTLS 1.0, 1.2) protocols.
 GnuTLS features support for:
  - certificate path validation, as well as DANE and trust on first use.
  - the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).
  - public key methods, including RSA and Elliptic curves, as well as password
    and key authentication methods such as SRP and PSK protocols.
  - all the strong encryption algorithms, including AES and Camellia.
  - CPU-assisted cryptography with VIA padlock and AES-NI instruction sets.
  - HSMs and cryptographic tokens, via PKCS #11.
 This package contains the GNU Guile modules.