Binary package “gnupg-utils” in ubuntu focal

GNU privacy guard - utility programs

 GnuPG is GNU's tool for secure communication and data storage.
 This package contains several useful utilities for manipulating
 OpenPGP data and other related cryptographic elements. It includes:
  * addgnupghome -- create .gnupg home directories
  * applygnupgdefaults -- run gpgconf --apply-defaults for all users
  * gpgcompose -- an experimental tool for constructing arbitrary
                  sequences of OpenPGP packets (e.g. for testing)
  * gpgparsemail -- parse an e-mail message into annotated format
  * gpgsplit -- split a sequence of OpenPGP packets into files
  * gpgtar -- encrypt or sign files in an archive
  * kbxutil -- list, export, import Keybox data
  * lspgpot -- convert PGP ownertrust values to GnuPG
  * migrate-pubring-from-classic-gpg -- use only "modern" formats
  * symcryptrun -- use simple symmetric encryption tool in GnuPG framework
  * watchgnupg -- watch socket-based logs