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Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) was released in April 2007. It focuses on improved hardware support across the board and lays the foundations for aggressive adoption of emerging desktop technologies. Ubuntu 7.04 returned to the standard six-month schedule following the shortened catch-up cycle used for Ubuntu 6.10.

The primary desktop is GNOME 2.18, and Feisty features Linux 2.6.20 for both servers and desktop computers.

The Feisty Fawn has no packages recorded in Launchpad.

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Feisty (7.04)
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Ubuntu Drivers, Ubuntu Release Team
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Ubuntu Release Team
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Version Expected Summary
Ubuntu ubuntu-7.04 2007-04-19
Ubuntu 7.04-beta 2007-03-22
Ubuntu herd-5 2007-03-01
Ubuntu herd-4 2007-02-15
Ubuntu herd-3 2007-02-01
Ubuntu herd-2 2007-01-11
16 of 6 results

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