Change logs for hplip source package in Edgy

  • hplip (1.6.9-0ubuntu2.1) edgy-security; urgency=low
      * SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary command execution via network
      * Add debian/patches/90_subprocess_replacement: use subprocess instead.
      * References
     -- Kees Cook <email address hidden>   Thu, 11 Oct 2007 10:25:17 -0700
  • hplip (1.6.9-0ubuntu2) edgy; urgency=low
      * Add missing library. Ubuntu #65908.
     -- Matthias Klose <email address hidden>   Fri, 13 Oct 2006 15:28:47 +0000
  • hplip (1.6.9-0ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low
      * Synchronize with Debian CVS; remaining changes:
        - Add hplip to scanner group.
        - Additional patches 70_no_fail_on_bad_locales, 80_no-compiler.h.
        - Shuffling of hplip's recommendations/suggestions.
        - Remove hplip's shutdown and reboot links.
        - Splitting of desktop files, menu entries hidden by default.
        - udev rules for MFP devices.
        - Don't compress single files to make the package smaller.
      * Restore and update the "NoQt message" patch, introduced in
        0.9.7-4ubuntu1, dropped later.
    hplip (1.6.9-1) unreleased; urgency=low
      * New upstream source
        * HPLIP 1.6.9:
          + Fixed defect: Printer supplies listed in "random" order
          + Fixed defect: Don't report hpfax:/no_devices_found in CUPS 1.2
          + Fixed network printer detection (SLP)
          + Added hp-probe back
          + Fixed defect: The HP Fax URI could not be showed if executing
            hp-makeuri with parameter "--fax" in the terminal
          + Fixed defect: The "Add to List" button for Coverpage would be
            grayed out after sent a fax job including Coverpage
          + Fixed defect: An unexpected error occurred when add a FAB entry
            using the space as the fist character of the entry name
          + Made some misc. input validation improvements to hp-fab -i
          + Changed print code so that it can use lpr or lp depending on
            what is installed (lpr=default)
          + Fixed defect: hp-unload only works with ASCII char's
          + Fixed defect: hp-unload gives incorrect permissions bits.
            hp-unload will save files with permissions of 0600.
          + Fixed a laserjet scanning problem in hpiod
          + Changed the 1284.4/MLC setup command for CLJ2840/LJ3050/LJ3055
          + Cleaned up PML errors occuring on DJ 4xx when doing dynamic
          + Fixed status-dynamic-counters value for DJ 460
          + Fixed defect: Toolbox cannot be launched successfully after setup
          + Added code to cleanup spinner from text UIs
          + Fixed defect: The fax job could not be sent while sending fax in
            non-interactive mode
          + Fixed defect: The value of Notes for an FAB entry cannot be
            displayed correctly while the entry was added completely in
            interactive mode
          + Fixed defect: An error occurs while executing hp-sendfax in
            non-interactive mode with the device disconnected
          + Fixed defect: The .g3 file could not be added to the Items List
            and could not be sent
          + Fixed defect: The fax job could not be sent in non-interactive mode
          + Added scan-style and fit-to-page fix to hp-makecopies
          + Added scaling=100 to hp-sendfax.
          + Moved Qt import in hp-toolbox and hp-print to after command line
        * HPIJS 2.6.9:
          + Added support CD/DVD label printing (ie: PS D5100)
          + Added support for the following new printer(s)
            + PhotoSmart A310 series (DJGenericVIP)
            + PhotoSmart C5100 series (DJGenericVIP)
            + PhotoSmart C6100 series (DJGenericVIP)
            + PhotoSmart C7100 series (DJGenericVIP)
            + PhotoSmart D5100 series (DJGenericVIP)
            + PhotoSmart D5060 series (DJGenericVIP)
            + PhotoSmart Pro B8300 series (DJGenericVIP)
      * debian/control: change -dbg package to priority extra, and place
        hplip-ppds on section utils (to match ftp-master override file)
      * Disable new libhpprop dynamic loading in hpijs ljjetready driver,
        until we know for sure what it is and the code is fixed not to break
        strict aliasing rules (and to use libtool)
      * Fix some real and some cosmetic issues with the new and files from upstream
      * hplip.links: add hp-probe
      * control: recommend both hpijs and PPD packages,
        not just one or the other for package hplip
      * hpijs: ship fax PPD in the hpijs binary package, and not in the
        catch-all hpijs-ppds package.  The reason for this is that many printers
        need hpijs only for the fax functionality
      * hplip.README.Debian: mention faxing, hpijs and python-reportlab for
     -- Matthias Klose <email address hidden>   Wed, 11 Oct 2006 14:00:11 +0200
  • hplip (1.6.7-2ubuntu2) edgy; urgency=low
      * revert the Breaks usage and turn it into a Conflict to avoid
        having to backport apt/dpkg/python-apt for the upgrade
        (see bug: #54234 for the rational)
     -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>   Tue, 26 Sep 2006 20:19:21 +0200
  • hplip (1.6.7-2ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low
      * Merge from debian unstable.
      * Removed patches 50_ui-supportform-cleanups.dpatch and
        55_ui-supportform-debian.dpatch, there is no support window in the HP
        toolbox any more.
      * HPLIP (file io/hpiod/usbext.h) includes linux/compiler.h which is not
        part of Ubuntu Linux and not needed. Removed the include with patch
      * debian/control: Let the "Conflicts:" of hpijs-ppds be only a "Breaks:"
        to facilitate an update from the previous version when both hpijs and
        hpijs-ppds are installed.
     -- Till Kamppeter <email address hidden>   Fri, 15 Sep 2006 18:00:07 +0200
  • hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu7) edgy; urgency=low
      * 70_no_fail_on_bad_locales:
        - don't fail if the locales can't be set (this breaks upgrades)
      * Pre-Depend on python (>= 2.4.3-5). We need a working pyversions
        otherwise invoke-rc.d will fail to start hpssd in the postinst
     -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>   Mon,  4 Sep 2006 06:37:25 +0200
  • hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu6) edgy; urgency=low
      * debian/rules:
        - applied another debian patch to fix upgrade problem (dapper->edgy)
     -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>   Fri,  1 Sep 2006 21:41:33 +0200
  • hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu5) edgy; urgency=low
      * debian/rules:
        - fix the ordering of the rules, this unbreaks the upgrade from
          dapper to edgy (lp: #46595)
     -- Michael Vogt <email address hidden>   Wed, 30 Aug 2006 12:23:21 +0200
  • hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu4) edgy; urgency=low
      * Add forgotten versioned-dependency on sysv-rc to get new update-rc.d
        behaviour.  Go me.
     -- Scott James Remnant <email address hidden>   Fri, 21 Jul 2006 01:29:01 +0100
  • hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu3) edgy; urgency=low
      * Remove stop links from rc0 and rc6
      * Fix bogus build-depend line that doko introduced.
     -- Scott James Remnant <email address hidden>   Fri, 21 Jul 2006 00:35:52 +0100
  • hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu2) edgy; urgency=low
      * Convert to updated Python policy.
      * Run hpiod as root.
    hplip (0.9.11-2ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low
      * Resynchronize with Debian unstable.
    hplip (0.9.11-2) unstable; urgency=low
      * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.11-2 (new): HPLIP 0.9.11-2
        + Fixed an intermittent auto duplex problem with HPIJS
          (closes: #360017)
        + Add some missing PSC 950 model entries in models.xml
        + Fixed some NDEBUG compiler issues (Debian)
        + Fixed some gcc 4.1 compiler issues (Debian)
      * dpatch 20_fix-asserts (remove): accepted upstream
      * dpatch 30_gcc4.1-fixes (remove): accepted upstream
      * dpatch 50_doc-location (remove): superseeded by dpatch
      * dpatch 50_ui-supportform-cleanups (new): Remove useless README pane
        in hp-toolbox support form, fix the URIs to have ending slashes, and
        some other cosmetic fixes
      * dpatch 55_ui-supportform-debian (new): Add Debian pane to hp-toolbox
        support form
    hplip (0.9.11-1) unstable; urgency=low
      * The "Eating hedgehogs ain't smart" release
      * New upstream version:
        * HPLIP 0.9.11:
          + Changed hp-sendfax behavior: Now hp-sendfax must be run before
            print jobs can be printed to a fax queue
          + Completely revamped the email alert system (now uses sendmail
            rather than a SMTP server)
          + Changed hpssd so that it will not send an email if the same device
            has the same error code multiple times in a row
          + Changes auto device refresh interval units from seconds to minutes
            in the hp-toolbox
          + Added a device auto refresh type (all or 1) to settings dialog in
            the hp-toolbox
          + Replaced hplip_readme.html with web documents available at
          + Moved the DeviceClose in the hp-toolbox testpage routine to before
            the lpr to fix an issue with contention with the "hp" backend
          + Fixed a defect in hp-fab that didn't allow previously added
            entries to be modified
          + Added better error checking to hp-sendfax to detect HPLIP daemons
            not running
          + Fixed LJ2840 network port for faxing in hpiod
          + Turned status off for all Business Inkjets 2200-2600
          + Moved fax address book file from ~/.hplip.fab to ~/hpfax/fab.db
          + Changed hp-fab so that duplicate entries cannot be created
          + Fixed endianness issue that hosed the HP Color LaserJet 3500 on
            PPC (closes: #317683)
        * HPIJS 2.1.10:
          + Moved PSC 21xx from DJGenericVIP to DJ9xxVIP device class
            (this requires all PSC 21xx users to update their PPDs)
          + Forced hpijs and hppgsz to always build with -DNDEBUG
          + Merged hpijs_readme.html into hplip documentation
          + Added support for the following new printers:
            + LaserJet 5200 (LJMono/PS)
            + LaserJet 5200L (LJMono/PS)
            + Color LaserJet 2605 (PS)
            + Officejet 6300 series (DJGenericVIP)
            + Officejet 4300 series (DJ3320)
      * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.10-2 (remove): applied upstream
      * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.11-1 (new): preliminary upstream patch:
          + Fix regression where the PSC 950xi stops being detected
            (reported by Till Kamppeter)
      * dpatch 14_charsign_fixes: remove hunk applied upstream, rediff
      * dpatch 60_lp_instead_of_lpr: update for new upstream code
      * dpatch 20_fix-asserts (new): fix bugs that show up on NDEBUG builds
      * dpatch 30_gcc4.1-fixes (new): fix strict aliasing bugs for gcc 4.1
      * Ship the new HPLIP/HPIJS documentation in a new arch-all package,
        hplip-doc.  The hplip and hpijs packages now have just Debian
        documentation, and point to the hplip-doc package (or to the
        online URI for that documentation) for the full user manual
      * Add a users-guide.txt file to hplip and hpijs documentantion,
        to point users to the hplip-doc package and to the online manual
      * Bump standards version to 3.7.2 (no changes required)
      * Drop support for initscript systems without invoke-rc.d, as
        invoke-rc.d is now required per policy.  This also shuts lintian
        up, which is always a nice bonus
      * hpijs.NEWS, hplip.NEWS: update for the new release
      * hpijs.README.Debian: minor cleanup, and point users to hpijs-ppds
      * hplip.README.Debian: minor updates and cleanup
      * debian/control: Make hplip automatically recommend the newest
        hpijs upstream version, instead of a manually set one I am not
        always really sure about
      * debian/rules: Provide hpijs:Source-Version as well for the control
      * Add new hplip-dbg package with full symbolic debugging information for
        all binaries and libraries generated by this source package
        (closes: #366766)
      * debian/control: place hpijs and hpijs-ppds on section text (as per the
        override file for hpijs, and other -ppds packages)
      * Ship doc/release_notes.html as the upstream changelog, as the old
        text changelog is not being updated anymore by upstream
    hplip (0.9.10-1) unstable; urgency=low
      * New upstream version
        * HPLIP 0.9.10 (patchlevel 2):
          + Made the "hp" backend more product specific, now HP USB keyboards
            won't be misdetected as printers....
          + Fixed jetdirect write timeout in hpiod
          + Added deviceID to output of "hp" backend for CUPS 1.2
          + Fixed a problem where no fax send dialog pops up when sending
            a fax job from OpenOffice Writer and the fax job can not be sent
          + Fixed a hp-setup crash which can occur during fax setup testpage
          + Modified the hp-toolbox and hp-print so that they will work with
            unsupported printer models without crashing
          + Hp-setup now allows the user to manually enter a PPD file path
          + The "NickName" from each located PPD file is displayed to the user
            so that the "(recommended)" text will be shown.
          + Fixed an error which occurs while executing hp-sendfax with
            b parameter.
          + Fixed a hp-toolbox problem displaying cartridge information for
            Photosmart 8700 when device is connected via network
      * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.10-2 (new): upstream patchlevel 2
        + Drop useless (and broken) model test comparison (closes: #360385)
        + Fix local DoS when usb communications get stuck
      * dpatch 14_charsign_fixes: add new hunks to fix more sign problems
      * Replace all instances of the old upstream hopepage (
        with the new one (
      * Point users to the new upstream mailinglists
      * Add watch entries for the renamed sourceforge project
    hplip (0.9.9-2) unstable; urgency=low
      *,, debian/rules, prnt/hpijs/
        fix /etc/hp/hplip.conf ppd dir setting, thus unbreaking hp-setup
        and remove useless cruft re. PPD dir setup while at it (closes: #358719)
    hplip (0.9.9-1) unstable; urgency=low
      * New upstream version
        * HPIJS 2.1.9:
          + Fixed an array index underflow in ljfastraster.cpp
          + Save paper width and height in UXServices object after a call to
          + When fullbleed printing is requested, if printer supports it,
            return actual paper dimensions for PrintableArea
          + Added support for the following new printer(s):
            + HP DeskJet F300 Series All-in-one (DJ3600)
        * HPLIP 0.9.9:
          + HPLIP now uses libusb for all USB I/O.  Libusb replaces kernel
            modules printer and usblp, and opens an entirely new can of worms
          + Removed support for USB URIs based on device files.  This means all
            printers now use USB URIs based on "hp:/hp_model?serial=xxxxxxxx"
            instead of "hp:/hp_model?device=/dev/usb/lpx".  Old CUPS queues must
            be updated to the new device location
          + Added full USB 1284.4 support for the Color LaserJet 2840, and for
            LaserJets 3050, 3060, 1010, 1012, 1015 and 2500
          + Updated HP-Fax-hplip.ppd to be in conformance with CUPS 1.2
          + Updated most LaserJet PPDs for CUPS 1.2
          + Changed the GetSnmp timeout from 5 to 2 seconds in hpiod
          + Fixed incorrect supplies information for Color Laserjet 2840
            displayed in hp-toolbox
          + Fixed problem where title input was of no use while adding a file to
            item list in send fax dialog
          + Add models.xml parallel port flag for Deskjet 5550
          + Moved hp-sendfax temp .g3 files to ~/hpfax/hpfax-*.g3.  Before,
            they would clutter the user's home directory
          + Files added to hp-sendfax interface are now rendered into g3 format
            as they are added to the batch
          + Removed temporary file creation from hpfax: (temp files now created
            only by hp-sendfax using mkstemp)
          + Added total page counting feature to hp-sendfax
          + Added a BSD license to
      * debian/control: build-depend on libusb >= 0.1.8
      * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.8-4: remove (applied upstream)
      * dpatch 60_lp_instead_of_lpr: rediff to remove skips
      * dpatch 40_quiet-hpiod: rediff to remove skips
      * dpatch 01_rss: rediff to reorder file hunks
      * dpatch 30_no-ping: remove, upstream removed icmp functionality
      * dpatch 70_sane_ppd_directory_handling: remove (applied upstream)
      * dpatch 45_quiet_hpijs-fax: remove (applied upstream)
      * dpatch 35_no-fax-setuid: remove, upstream now does seteuid()/setegid()
        only if sendfax is being run as root
      * dpatch 10_shebang_fixes (new): new dump place for #!<interpretor> fixing
      * s/hp-fax/hp-sendfax/
      * debian/control, debian/compat: switch to debhelper mode V5
      * debian/control, debian/rules: provide and use hpijs:Upstream-Version,
        rename Upstream-Version to hplip:Upstream-Version
      * Rename hplip-ppds package to hpijs-ppds, update all documentation to
        point to hpijs-ppds and and add a hpijs.NEWS
        entry about the package rename as well
      * debian/control: conflict hpijs with hplip-ppds versioned to source
        version, as a dirty trick to not clash with hpijs-ppds providing
      * debian/rules, debian/hpijs-ppds.install, debian/hpijs-ppds.links,
        Don't ship non-hpijs PPDs anymore, takes care
        of the pure postscript PPDs now
      * debian/rules: version hpijs-ppds the same way we version hpijs
      * debian/control: suggest hpijs-ppds and for hplip
        instead of recommending the old hplip-ppds package.  Recommend hpijs
        with fax support for hplip. Remove conflict on foomatic-db-hpijs and
        foomatic-filters-ppds from hplip.  Conflict hpijs-ppds with
        foomatic-filters-ppds before 20060113-1 when the PPD duplication was
        removed from foomatic-filters-ppds
      * debian/control: rework package descriptions a little
      * debian/rules: ship all PPD files compressed
      * debian/rules: separate arch-dep and arch-indep install, to avoid wasting
        a great deal of time on slower archs gziping PPDs
      * hplip initscript: Run hpiod as root because of libusb
      * debian/copyright: update dates
    hplip (0.9.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
      * This release was not uploaded to Debian
      * New upstream version
        * HPIJS 2.1.8 (patchlevel 4):
          + Moved OfficeJet 6100 and 6150 to DJ55xx.h; margins on these devices
            are same as those on DJ5550
          + Added support for the following new printers:
            + HP LaserJet 3050 (LJMono/PS)
            + HP LaserJet 3060/3062 (LJMono/PS)
            + HP LaserJet 3390/3392 (LJMono/PS)
            + HP Deskjet 6980 series (DJGenericVIP)
            + HP Deskjet 6940 series (DJGenericVIP)
          + Updated KRGB patches to version 1.2:
            + Fixed krgb buffer overflow issue with out-of-band data in
              fill_rectangle and copy_mono. This buffer overflow condition
              occurred with fullbleed print jobs that had k-band images
            + Added Dan Coby's (artifex) fix for gsijs_read_string_malloc
              gs_free *str memory leak.
        * HPLIP 0.9.8 (patchlevel 4):
          + Added send fax support (still quite rough)
          + Added HP Setup utility
          + Fixed deviceid zero termination issue in hplip_api.c
          + Enhanced the status history table in hp-info
          + Changed device list in toolbox to use small icons for status overlay
          + Modified models.xml file to add pen info back to OJ5500 and disable
            front panel
          + Removed from distribution
          + Added Fax URI generation to hp-makeuri
          + Fixed hp-makeuri so that it would not report URIs for non-existent
          + Fixed hp-makeuri quiet modes that they are actually quiet
          + Added a new chooser dialog that presents a list of CUPS queues
            rather than device URIs (hp-sendfax, hp-print)
          + Fixed a hpiod problem with the PS 2570 series. This will fix the
            scanning blue-screen error with USB High Speed
      * dpatch 00_01_upstream-0.9.8-4 (new): 0.9.8 patchlevel 4
      * hplip package: recommend python-reportlab for fax cover page support
      * Instead of modifying the PPD manufacturer tag from HP to HP (HPLIP),
        now append HPLIP and the upstream version to the nickname
        (closes: #347264)
      * Ship hpijs PPDs in /usr/share/ppd/hpijs/<PPD Manufacturer> as per
        the Debian PPD file structure specification.  Ship the pure postscript
        PPDs in /usr/share/ppd/hplip-postscript, for now
      * Normalise case and start all HP PPD file names with "HP-"
      * debian/control: Remove foomatic-db-hpijs from suggests and
        recommends, as it will go away
      * Update READMEs and NEWS files for the above PPD changes, add NEWS
        file for hplip-ppds while at it
      * Update hplip's README for hp-setup
      * Mention that the RSS patch is stale in hpijs' README
      * Removed patch already applied upstream: 00_01_upstream_0.9.7-2
      * dpatches 30_no-ping, 50_doc-location, 60_lp_instead_of_lpr: rediff
      * Let configure detect all standard paths for CUPS, except for the
        PPD path
      * Prune non-shipped-files.txt, and change debian/rules to tell us
        which files were removed instead of doing it silently
      * dpatch 70_sane_ppd_directory_handling (new): modify hplip to
        look for PPD files under /usr/share/ppd/hplip, instead of
        searching the entire CUPS PPD tree (used by hp-setup)
      * Add menu entries for hp-print, hp-sendfax and hp-fab
      * Add HPmenu.xpm icon
      * dpatch 35_no-fax-setuid (new): change hpssd fax queue function
        not to setuid(), as we don't run as root.  This limits sending
        faxes somehow, but the impact is not clear to me yet.  Bug reports
      * dpatch 45_quiet_hpijs-fax (new): remove noisy hpijs debug output in
        the fax driver
      * debian/control: rework package descriptions, mention fax support
      * Ship KRGB patches cleaned up and tailored for Debian's gs versions
      * Update debian/copyright for new directories, mention license of KRGB
        patches (MIT)
     -- Matthias Klose <email address hidden>   Thu,  6 Jul 2006 13:39:45 +0000
  • hplip (0.9.7-4ubuntu1) dapper; urgency=low
      * Synchronize with Debian unstable.
      * Keep the .desktop file, add "NoDisplay=true".
      * Keep qt build dependencies, now in main.
      * hplip-data now provides hpijs-data (introduced in 0.9.8).
      * Try to open a message dialog for the "No Qt" message. Malone: #26413.
      * Install ppd files into a manufacturer specific directory.
      * Set the manufacturer name to "HP".
      * Start hplip before cupsys. Malone: #3841, #26570.
      * Put toolbox icon in category system, not application. Malone: #25627.
    hplip (0.9.7-4) unstable; urgency=low
      * New upstream 0.9.7-2 patch: fixes for the following problems:
        + Photosmart 2570 series blue screen scanning error
        + GetDeviceStatus overwrite in hpiod (from RedHat)
        + SuperB margin issue with OJ K550, OJ K850 and DJ9800
        + _GNU_SOURCE define in hpaio.h. (from RedHat)
      * Remove versioning of python-qt3 and pyqt-utils build-dependencies to
        make backports easier.  Current versions in stable, testing and sid
        are safe AFAIK
      * Build-depend on libsnmp9-dev|libsnmp5-dev, to ease sarge backports
    hplip (0.9.7-3) unstable; urgency=low
      * Switch from two versioned conflicts to two versioned depends/recommends
        to encode the relationship between hplip and hplip-data.  This is
        easier on apt, since conflicts preclude unpack, while depends preclude
      * Fix non-removal of rem_str on 60_lp_instead_of_lpr (closes: #341445)
    hplip (0.9.7-2) unstable; urgency=low
      * Brown paperbag release
      * Actually add 60_lp_instead_of_lpr to list of active dpatches.
        This closes: #336407 for real
    hplip (0.9.7-1) unstable; urgency=low
      * New upstream version
        * HPIJS 2.1.7:
          + Fixed OJ K550 typo in HPIJS
          + Added photo tray support to DJGenericVIP device class. This effects
            all DJGenericVIP PPD files
          + Added support for the following new printers:
            + HP Color LaserJet 3000 (LJColor/PS)
            + HP Color LaserJet 3600 (LJJetReady)
            + HP Color LaserJet 3800 (LJColor/PS)
        * HPLIP 0.9.7:
          + Added 1284.4 support to hpiod. Previous support was MLC only
          + Changed hp-toolbox startup behavior to increase performance
          + Added checks in messaging code to prevent invalid messages from
            crashing hpssd
          + Added hp-toolbox PML cleanup code to LJ status code
          + Fixed clj28xx scanning issue. Mfpdtf buffer was too small
            libsane-hpaio. This fixes a problem introduced in 0.9.5
          + Modified hp-makeuri to allow hostnames for network addresses
          + Added support for "alternate n-up" for PS documents to hp-print
          + Fixed an issue where the website link for support information is
            wrong in "HP" tab of "Support Information" dialog
          + Fixed an issue setting the scan token in libsane-hpaio
          + Fixed an issue where an error occurs while executing the command
            "hp-check -lnone" in terminal
          + Fixed an issue where an exception is caught but the program does not
            show a correct prompt when running the command "hp-align" with parameter
          + Fixed System::GetSnmp sigfault in hpiod. This will fix network
            scanning/hp-toolbox issues in previous HPLIP releases
          + Fixed an issue where an error occurs while executing hp-photo after
            the usb cable was disconnected
      * Use far less tight versioning that works with the new rules for binNMUs,
        and break a dependency loop while at it (closes: #339909)
      * Add versioned dependency on coreutils 5.1+ (closes: #337375)
      * New dpatch 60_lp_instead_of_lpr:
        Use "lp" instead of "lpr" to submit jobs (closes: #336407)
      * Ship copyright and changelogs along with hplip-data too, as it is not
        depending on hplip anymore and the /usr/share/doc/hplip-data symlink has
        to go away
     -- Matthias Klose <email address hidden>   Tue, 11 Apr 2006 10:27:47 +0000