Packages in parent series 'Buster' but not in 'Disco'


Packages that are listed here are those that have been added to the specific packages in parent series 'Buster' that were used to create Disco. They are listed here so you can consider including them in Disco.

175 of 723 results
Source Buster version Parent package-sets Last changed Latest comment
adblock-plus (changelog)
adblock-plus-element-hiding-helper (changelog)
adobe-flashplugin (changelog)
all-in-one-sidebar (changelog)
amarok (changelog)
android-audiosystem (changelog)
android-platform-tools-swt (changelog)
android-src-vendor (changelog)
androidsdk-tools (changelog)
angband-audio (changelog)
aolserver4-nsopenssl (changelog)
apache2 2.4.38-3+deb10u4 (changelog) 2020-09-26 by Debian Apache Maintainers
apex (changelog)
apmd (changelog)
apprecommender (changelog)
apt-listbugs 0.1.28 (changelog) 2019-02-06 by Francesco Poli (wintermute)
arcboot-installer 1.38 (changelog) 2019-04-04 by Debian Install System Team
arch-test 0.15-2+deb10u1 (changelog) 2020-09-26 by Adam Borowski
asterisk 1:16.2.1~dfsg-1+deb10u2 (changelog) 2020-09-26 by Debian VoIP Team
asterisk-prompt-es (changelog)
aterm (changelog)
attal (changelog)
aufs 4.19+20190211-1 (changelog) 2019-03-08 by Jan Naumann
auth-client-config (changelog)
autofill-forms (changelog)
automatic-save-folder (changelog)
axe (changelog)
ayatana-indicator-messages 0.6.0-2 (changelog) 2018-08-20 by The Ayatana Packagers
bacon2d (changelog)
baloo-widgets 4:18.08.1-1 (changelog) 2018-09-10 by Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
banshee (changelog)
banshee-community-extensions (changelog)
bareftp (changelog)
base-files 10.3+deb10u9 (changelog) 2021-03-27 by Santiago Vila
bfgminer (changelog)
bidiui 0.9.7-2 (changelog) 2018-10-20 by Debian Hebrew Packaging Team
bind9 1:9.11.5.P4+dfsg-5.1+deb10u3 (changelog) 2021-03-27 by Debian DNS Team
bitcoin (changelog) 0.16.3~dfsg-1 0.16.3~dfsg-1
blubuntu-look (changelog)
blueman 2.0.8-1+deb10u1 (changelog) 2020-12-05 by cschramm
bluez-firmware 1.2-4 (changelog) 2018-06-26 by Debian Bluetooth Maintainers
boinc-app-eah-brp (changelog)
bootchart2 (changelog) 0.14.4-3 0.14.4-3
bugsx (changelog)
bum (changelog)
bve-route-cross-city-south (changelog)
cacti 1.2.2+ds1-2+deb10u4 (changelog) 2021-02-06 by Cacti Maintainer
calamares-settings-debian 10.0.20-1+deb10u4 (changelog) 2020-09-26 by Jonathan Carter
calendar-exchange-provider (changelog) 5.0.0~alpha2-1 5.0.0~alpha2-1
camorama (changelog)
ccsm 2:0.8.16-2 (changelog) 2018-12-20 by Hypra Team
certificatepatrol (changelog)
certmaster (changelog)
cfengine2 (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-bg (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ca (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-de (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-el (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-en-gb (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-es (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-fr (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-it (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-nb (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-nl (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-pt (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ro (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-ru (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-sl (changelog)
childsplay-alphabet-sounds-sv (changelog)
choose-mirror 2.99+deb10u3 (changelog) 2021-02-06 by Debian Install System Team
chromium 88.0.4324.182-1~deb10u1 (changelog) 2021-03-27 by Debian Chromium Team
cjson 1.7.10-1.1+deb10u1 (changelog) 2021-02-06 by Yanhao Mo
ckermit (changelog)
clevis 11-2+deb10u1 (changelog) 2021-02-06 by Christoph Biedl
cmucl 21d-1 (changelog) 2018-12-25 by Debian Common Lisp Team
175 of 723 results