pconsole 1.0-13 (amd64 binary) in ubuntu bionic

 pconsole allows you to connect to each node of your cluster (e.g. via
 ssh or rsh) simultaneously by spawning one terminal per host or
 job. Alternatively you can even connect to already existing terminal
 You can type your administrative commands either in a specialized
 window that 'multiplies' the input to each of the connections you
 have opened or use each of the connected terminals in case one host
 or job needs some additional commands to be typed.
 pconsole is best run from within X Window, although it is possible to
 employ it without X (in console mode) as well. You need to install
 pconsole on only 1 machine in the cluster, this would usually be your
 central administrative node.
 pconsole's X automatisms work well with window-managers which offer a
 smart placement mode without resizing new windows or with a tiling
 mode which resizes all windows to the same size.
 It is known to work very well with FVWM and has proven less usable
 with Awesome or Ratpoison. For usage with window-managers focussed on
 full-screen applications like ratpoison, for parallel interactive SSH
 sessions MultiSSH (package "mssh") is probably be the better choice
 due to managing all SSH sessions in one application window.


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