Binary package “mira-assembler” in ubuntu bionic

Whole Genome Shotgun and EST Sequence Assembler

 The mira genome fragment assembler is a specialised assembler for
 sequencing projects classified as 'hard' due to high number of similar
 repeats. For expressed sequence tags (ESTs) transcripts, miraEST is
 specialised on reconstructing pristine mRNA transcripts while
 detecting and classifying single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP)
 occurring in different variations thereof.
 The assembler is routinely used for such various tasks as mutation
 detection in different cell types, similarity analysis of transcripts
 between organisms, and pristine assembly of sequences from various
 sources for oligo design in clinical microarray experiments.
 The package provides the following executables:
 Binaries provided:
  * mira: for assembly of genome sequences
  * miramem: estimating memory needed to assemble projects.
  * mirabait: a "grep" like tool to select reads with kmers up to 256 bases.
  * miraconvert: is a tool to convert, extract and sometimes recalculate all
    kinds of data related to sequence assembly files.