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The Ubuntu release that will be delivered in April 2018, designated 18.04.

The Ubuntu release that will be delivered in April 2018, designated 18.04.

Series information

Bionic (18.04)
Project drivers:
Ubuntu Drivers, Ubuntu Release Team
Release manager:
Ubuntu Release Team
Derives from:
Stretch (9.0)
Derived series:
No derived series.
Source packages:
Binary packages:

Derived from Stretch


Upstream packaging

7040  source packages are linked to registered upstream projects. 23951  need linking.

Recently linked to upstream:

keepassxc linked by Peter J. Mello

x265 linked

jupyter-notebook linked by Luís Infante da Câmara

orca linked by Jeremy Bícha

hplip linked by Mathew Hodson


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Version Expected Summary
Ubuntu bionic-updates 2023-04-26
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04.6 2021-09-15 Extra point release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04.5 2020-08-06 Fifth 18.04 point release, with 20.04 kernel
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04.4 2020-02-06 Fourth 18.04 point release, with 19.10 kernel
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04.3 2019-08-08 Third 18.04 point release, with 19.04 kernel
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04.2 2019-02-14 Second 18.04 point release, with 18.10 kernel
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04.1 2018-07-26 First 18.04 point release, with 18.04 kernel
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04 2018-04-26 Final release of Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.04-beta 2018-04-05 Final beta of Ubuntu 18.04
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.03 2018-03-31 Five months after 17.10
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.02 2018-02-28 Four months after 17.10
Ubuntu ubuntu-18.01 2018-01-31 Three months after 17.10
Ubuntu ubuntu-17.12 2017-12-31 Two months after 17.10
Ubuntu ubuntu-17.11 2017-11-30 One month after 17.10
114 of 14 results