Can't open windows on main monitor in dual monitor setup

Asked by taotree on 2009-12-05

I have a dual monitor setup. The menu bars show up on my main monitor which is on the right. But whenever I run an application, the window pops up on the monitor on the left. I can't drag the windows to the monitor on the right. If I try to, it goes over to the right and partially shows up on the right monitor, but will stop before it is completely on the other monitor.

How do I fix this?


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Benjamin Humphrey (humphreybc) said : #1

What graphics card do you have? What drivers are you using?

taotree (jshellman) said : #2

I think I got it to work. I disabled the secondary monitor, apply. I then reenabled it, apply. Now it seems to work.
I'm using an NVIDIA 9?00.

taotree (jshellman) said : #3

Okay, not quite fixed. The issue resets every time I login.

1) So... I logged out, log back in and then my mouse is constrained to my secondary monitor.
2) I right click, create launcher (or anything to create a window) and then my mouse is no longer constrained.
3) But... I cannot move any window onto primary monitor.
4) I go to Display Preferences, select secondary monitor, choose off, apply. All windows show up on primary screen.
5) Display Prefs, select secondary, move it to left side of primary (maybe this is why I'm having issues, because secondary is on left?), select on, apply.
6) Now I can move windows back and forth.

But I'd rather not have to go through all that every time I log on.

taotree (jshellman) said : #4

Oops forgot to mention, you asked about drivers. I don't know what drivers. It was a clean fresh install of ubuntu 9.10 from ISO downloaded today.

taotree (jshellman) said : #5

I installed the proprietary NVIDIA driver and after some messing around with it, it seems to be working now.