Remove Vista, install Ubuntu

Asked by Robert Nelson Strobel on 2010-05-01

I just want to remove my vista completely. I will then install Ubuntu. I know nothing about computers:)

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wojox (wojox) said : #1

Put in the cd and when installing you'll come to a screen that asks where to put it. Choose entire drive.

Ed S (edgar-b-dsouza) said : #2

Hi there,

You don't have to manually remove Vista -- when installing Ubuntu, you can simply choose to use the whole hard disk :-)

If you haven't done so yet, I would advise you to take Ubuntu for a trial spin on your computer -- boot from the LiveCD, and check that your hardware is recognized and works properly. In particular, check that you can connect to the Internet and browse sites (especially the Ubuntu sites! :) ). Then, if some of the other hardware isn't working, you can ask a question on this site.
If you have an ATI or NVidia graphics accelerator, you would probably need to install their proprietary drivers (for best performance/resolution) after you have installed Ubuntu to your hard disk.

Here are some links that should provide useful reading: (guides you through the installation process. The screens will look quite different if you have downloaded and are installing the latest 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" release of Ubuntu, but the major steps are explained. Under Step 8, you can choose to use the entire disk, if you want to get rid of Vista.) (Short, but a few useful tips.)

The Frequently-Asked Questions page at should provide answers to many questions you may have as a first-time Ubuntu user.

We all hope you'll have a trouble-free experience, but practically speaking, some hardware does have glitches/problems with Linux, so: has some common problems and workarounds. Of course, feel free to ask new questions here too!

Here's hoping you enjoy Ubuntu!

Best GREG T. (ubuntuer) said : #3

ubuntu will install and wipe out vista or install side by side for dual boot . dual boot would be best tell you learn ubuntu ! remember it is not windows ......

yayayayayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did dual boot.

I had no idea dual boot was so easy. Must be an improvement for 10. In December I remember attempting to manually partition my hard-drive. I just gave up! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!! Seems like the Ubuntu community is superior to any customer service from Windows!

Also, to give all credit where it is due, wojox and Ed S were just as helpful!!!

oocevin (ccct007) said : #6

That wojox helps a lot of people!!!