cryptsetup text box doesn't look great; would be great if it was the same as the one on Ubuntu

Asked by Berk on 2017-12-03

Some of us use LUKS + LVM which in return means we have to enter a password upon boot up.

Unfortunately, the text field for cryptsetup doesn't look particularly great with it's 3D design. Would it be possible if Xubuntu 18.04 LTS could ship with the same text field as the one found on Ubuntu?

I understand that this is purely subjective and that is why I filing it as a question and not a bug.

I would like to also ask if it is possible that we can get a single colour for Xubuntu plymouth instead of the current gradient. It doesn't matter if it becomes just Xubuntu blue or just black but the current gradient in 17.10 just doesn't look good due to its compression.

Best regards to the Xubuntu team

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Can you give a screenshot of the issue please? replying to the automated email and attaching a file doesn't work. You'll need to use Dropbox Public, ImageShack or some other hosting service to make a URL of the image. Alternatively find an image which is similar online and post the URL to that.


Berk (berkiyo) said : #2


Sorry for the late reply. I've taken two photos and I've linked one from somewhere else. I didn't have time to setup a virtual machine and take a screenshot. Unfortunately, the images aren't the best but I hope you understand what I mean. These images are regarding a system running Xubuntu 17.10.

Text Field:

Text Field With Text:

What I'm proposing is something that is found on regular Ubuntu:

The "imgur" links show a the gradient and in person, these gradients don't look that great. I believe 16.04 LTS has a decent Plymouth theme however I would want to have the text-field design to be at least borrowed from Ubuntu's plymouth. This is just an idea and I completely understand if this is designer(s) intentions. Additionally, it would be cool if we could have a simple flat colour (or something like the plymouth background found on 16.04 LTS)


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