Will Kubuntu have X-based Splash

Asked by Mirza

Will Kubuntu 9.10 have X-based Splash like the one Ubuntu has. It seems completely DE independent!
Here is a video of Ubuntu X-based Splash: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=meZBPItWGxk

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Monkey (monkey-libre) said :

If Ubuntu has it I think so but I ´m not a user of Kubuntu

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Mirza (mirza-dervisevic) said :

I am not an expert but current boot splash of Ubuntu and Kubuntu are wolrds apart !
I tested this on kubuntu beta..

There should be no reason for Kubuntu not to have a fancy X-based splash... I am interested if developers know anything about this ?

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Gabe Gorelick (gabegorelick) said :

Let me first qualify this by saying I have not officially heard anything definitive on this anywhere. That being said...

There really isn't any reason for Kubuntu not too have xsplash, since the big difference in Ubuntu vs Kubuntu is that Ubuntu uses gnome and Kubuntu uses KDE. Since x-splash is not related to desktop environments (or really the desktop at all) Kubuntu should include it. The only reason I can think of why you'd only get this behavior on Kubuntu is that the artwork for Kubuntu isn't ready yet and that is messing things up.

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Best Gabe Gorelick (gabegorelick) said :

Just found this blueprint: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/kubuntu-karmic-xsplash. It confirms what I thought, that Kubuntu Karmic will (and already does) include its own version of xsplash, modified to be more KDE-friendly.

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Mirza (mirza-dervisevic) said :

Thanks for an answer, I truly hope they will work some more on Kubuntu x-splash, because it currently looks almost the same as in Jaunty. It is not nearly pretty as Ubuntu one :(

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Gabe Gorelick (gabegorelick) said :

Just got more info, turns out xsplash for kubuntu is delayed, and may not make it into karmic. Check out this similar question that gives more detail: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/xsplash/+question/81990

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Mirza (mirza-dervisevic) said :

Thanks for update, I appreciate it :)