i need driver for "sis mirage 3" for my siemens labtop

Asked by ahmed ezz on 2009-11-26

hi all

i'm a new bi into linux world, though i was a developer using microsoft tools for a couple of years now
i have decided to continue my life using and learning linux
i have chosed ubuntu and currently i'm using 9.10

i have a problem regarding my display driver, as i have not found yet a complete/basic solution for my problem
even there was lots of talk about it there (i.e forums)

i have Fujitsu Siemens v5535 with sis mirage 3+ VGA built in
i have found no driver nor an easy to follow steps of using this driver in my ubuntu
and by so i have a maximum of 800x600 resolution which is very annoying.
i admit that the company provide no driver for linux for this chip model.

i hope u find me a solution or rather guide me to some web locations that might be useful.


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sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

Then reboot

ahmed ezz (eng-aeamg) said : #2

thanks for reply

but i need to tell u that i have found an auto-installable deb file that
allowed me to switch and use higher resolution (i.e. 1024x768) and even more

but i still could not able to enable the gnome windowing effects and this seems that no 3D support i can found yet
i means that using my current configuration, i will not be able to use compiz effects
i hope i could soon

final word,
thanks to u and to all linux and ubuntu poeple.

sis support in linux really really sucks and you won't get 3D support to enable compiz as far as I am aware, you will however get a nice responsive desktop which is good at 2D stuff

Unless someone else can contribute. Usually the vesa driver is the only driver which will take the display past 800x600 with manipulations in xorg.conf

ahmed ezz (eng-aeamg) said : #4

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.