Support for webcam and lan on asus k50c

Asked by Gary Riddell on 2009-10-22

Italian message:
Attenzione Giulio ripristina la domanda originaria qui e nella riga in alto altrimenti le risposte gia' date qui sotto non hanno senso e non servono ad altri utenti che hanno il tuo stesso problema. la tua domanda riguardava la scheda video. (non aggiungere nulla a questo thread cambia qui che ti leggo)

La regola qui perchè tutto sia utile anche agli altri utenti e' di formulare una domanda per ogni problema e poi di segnarla come solved e di riaprire una nuova domanda.

Poi fai una nuova domanda per quanto riguarda la webcam da qui basta che copi ed incolli il testo sottostante in questo link:

I purchased asus k50c and I installe ubuntu netbook. I have problems with webcam (it works upper-down) and with LAN. may you help me?

Thanks, Giulio Codogni <email address hidden>

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Simon Déziel
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Simon Déziel (sdeziel) said : #1

VESA driver can't go very high in resolution. You should let Jaunty determine the best resolution by removing your xorg.conf (rename it for backup purpose).

If you have no success you should give a try to Ubuntu Karmic that will be release on October 29th.

You should also check for a BIOS update to fix your ACPI issue.

Simon Déziel (sdeziel) said : #2

I just found a bug describing the exact same problem that you have (

- You should indicate that this bug also affects you.
- You should confirm the bug in Jaunty final (was reported against Intrepid and confirmed against Jaunty Alpha 5)
- You should test if you can reproduce the bug with Karmic Release Candidate (
- You should also test it on final release of Karmic (October 29th)

Note: You can do your Karmic tests using the LiveCD only, no need to reinstall.

Best Simon Déziel (sdeziel) said : #3

Apparently there is maybe a solution to get a working 2D driver. Take a look at this forum thread :

I haven't read it all be at the end (page 20 or something) some people report a resolution of 1280x768.

Good luck with issue.

Note: Next time you buy computer material try to encourage a hardware manufacturer that have good Linux support.

Gary Riddell (gary128) said : #4

I solved this problem by getting rid of the laptop and acquiring one with an nvidia chipset. I am a Sis-free zone!

Gary Riddell (gary128) said : #5

Thanks Simon Déziel, that solved my question.

Andrew Levey (ag-levey) said : #6

If you need the sis 771/671 driver for 8.10 , 9.04 or 9.10 Karmic you can download it here and it works.
It's under software - laptop displays
I have it running on Karmic

Andrew Levey (ag-levey) said : #7

I should have added that the 9.04 32 bit driver works on 9.10 Karmic and I get thecorrect resolution of 1280x800.
The vesa driver only gives 1280x768 with banding on the screen. This solves both issues.

Narcis Garcia (narcisgarcia) said : #8

Andrew Levey, It looks nice but... where do the sources come from?

Andrew Levey (ag-levey) said : #9

The site doesn't state the sources but has a credit for the driver he has compliled as:
(due to the work of Bartlomiej Erlich on the previous work of Thomas Winischhofer)

I have to report that I now have an intermittent (driver related) issue. Sometimes everything boots to the logo then the Ubuntu and login screen just fine and other times only to the logo and then a black screen.
From the black screen I can ctrl Alt F1 and open a console which offers
me a text login. I can then reboot from there and normally it boots up
fine the next time.
Currently I have had to fall back on to the vesa driver which doesn't seem to suffer from this.