I have tearing on ubuntu 12.10 beta 2 , on nvidia geforce (i've installed the propriety driver nvidia-current-updates)

Asked by Carnalbeast on 2012-09-29

I have tearing on ubuntu 12.10 beta 2 , on nvidia geforce (i've installed the propriety driver nvidia-current-updates)
I never had tearing on ubuntu except now.
I had tearing on all other window managers except cinnamon.
My graphics card is nvidia geforce gts250 and its fully capable of playing 3d games in full resolution full detail.
But on linux i have tearing....
I'm considering buying an Ati Radeon graphics card , ati has an antitearing option and i dont have tearing using ati i've tested with a cheap ati graphics card of a friend of mine.
Maybe Linux Mint is the answer.
Also ive tested on lubuntu and when i'm installing the nvidia drivers from xswat repo i dont have tearing there.

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Carnalbeast (carnalbeast) said : #1

SuperKey+W has lag (i'm installing an app right now)
I don't know ... maybe canonical should reconsider the whole thing again.

Warren Hill (warren-hill) said : #2

Ubuntu 12.10 is still not fully released. It's only there so the more technical amongst us to find and fix bugs. It may be that not all the drivers are included yet.

I suggest you either go back to Ubuntu 12.04.1 which is supported or wait until Quantal is released and do a clean install. It may be fine in the final version due out in just under 3 weeks.

I suggest you report a bug.

Mint is based on Ubuntu and uses the same package source, so 'trying Mint' is actually trying nothing different. Additionally adding 'Maybe Linux Mint is the answer.' doesn't make anyone want to help you any more or less, it also adds no value to the question.

Can you give the output of;

sudo lshw -C display; lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | grep nvidia


Carnalbeast (carnalbeast) said : #4


You know actually linux mint is a lot different from ubuntu !
1) No Compiz !
2) No resources eaten without a reason
3) Apps launching time reduced drastically
4) 3d performance is perfect on linux mint when on ubuntu sucks big
5) Samba preinstalled
6) Multimedia codecs preinstalled
7) zeitgeist not needed on linux mint at all

There are many many differences to an experienced user but to a noob it has no differences.

I didnt had tearing on Ubuntu 12.04 but on every distro i had tearing.
On gnome shell, kde , xubuntu etc etc
When i used compiz i didn't had tearing .
Now i'm starting having tearing on ubuntu too and this is not good.
I have an nvidia geforce gts250 its fully capable of running the latest 3d games in 1980x1080 and full details aliasing etc etc.
It has Perfect performance.

I tested linux mint(cinnamon) and found that i dont have tearing on cinnamon this is good.

It can have compiz if you desire.Samba preinstalled isn't exactly much, also running unecessary services reduces security. You can remove zeitgeist. Its also not installed in Xubuntu or Lubuntu, nothing really swinginig it. You can easily install all the codecs you need.

Did you install the later nvidia driver, as I suggested.

Carnalbeast (carnalbeast) said : #6

Yes but there's no way to run ubuntu without compiz ! And thats what i need most.

If you install xfce4, you can log in to the XFCE session and Compiz isn't used. You don't NEED Compiz to use Ubuntu at all....

Carnalbeast (carnalbeast) said : #8

When i say ubuntu i mean the main ubuntu distro with Unity 3d.

Lubuntu is one way....

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