Twinview Broken after Update

Asked by Rex Beowulf

I run Ubuntu 10.04 on an Intel 32bit processor. I use an XFX GeForce 8600GT video card with dual output to power my two monitors, one of which serves primarily as the Windows display for the VM I run.

After a recent update, I find my system no longer functions as it should. The dual monitors do not work anymore, and an error pops up after login saying "Could not apply the stored configuration for the monitors. X Server does not support the size requested" or something like that for the second line.

I have tried:

Installing the prior version of nvidia-current
Deleting xorg.conf and reconfiguring it.
Installing the latest NVIDIA driver from their website (I could not complete this step.)
Installing the latest NVIDIA driver using a PPA (this fixed the problem created in trying to solve it in the first place)
Reinstalling the latest nvidia-current via update (with the above PPA.)

I've quite lost track of all I have tried to do.

All I want to do is roll back my system or otherwise fix this so my computer works as it did before the update. I don't know how to tell what was updated. I want to undo those updates to fix my system so I can back it up, then I will try upgrading to the latest version of Ubuntu.

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Rex Beowulf (rexbeowulf) said :

I really desperately need to fix this.

I don't understand why it is so difficult to get an answer. My system was working fine until I did an update. I don't know a thing about Linux and don't know how to undo the update, how to tell what was updated, and of course, how to fix this problem.

Anyone? Please!

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steve taylor (stevemail) said :

Hi Rex, looks like a whole heap of issues.
There are guys on this forum with amazing knowledge and I am sure one will be along soon.

In the mean time, as I am just getting the hang of things myself, what I want to do is start the ball rolling.
Couple of things, your running 10.04, ubuntu is now running 11.04 so there is a bit of a lag there is that choice?

You got two screens running you must know something.

1. maybe do an upgrade to 10.10,I think that was next build along, it would save your files and write a fresh build.

2. try maybe gjig in the terminal this will give you a gui (graphic user interface) with a set of commands to work through rather than plugging in a load of stuff in the terminal.
I don't know that sudo apt-get update is going to help as it sounds as if that's where it all went wrong in the first place but maybe 'fix conf' in gjig or fix broken in your synaptic package manager.

3. messing with graphics card settings is not for the faint hearted, natty is having all sorts of problems with that now.

4. Can you select system repair option on boot, I don't remember how that was done in 10.04. but it should help.

I would definitely be posting the output of Jockey , that's the additional drivers program ie which driver are you running and you probably have the NVIDIA X Server Settings program that comes with the driver. It allows adjustment and might clean things up.

The thing is, this is a multiple possibility thing and I would tend to try to move to the next build to reinstate a working system.

I hope some of this helps and maybe it will attract someone with a fix and better knowledge if only to tell me I am talking rubbish.

Keep the faith

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Rex Beowulf (rexbeowulf) said :

Okay, so I decided to take numerous people's advice and upgrade to 11.04. The problem was still there after upgrading to 10.10, so I continued to 11.04. And I regret that decision more than any other computer related decision I've ever made. Now my system only boots when I use Grub to load the version from 10.04 (two versions ago.) And Unity went away as soon as I could figure out how.

I'm going to reinstall fresh at 10.04, and try to find it without updates that broke it. If this doesn't work, I'm done with Ubuntu I'm afraid.

HELP! I hate Windows and don't want to go back.

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