Should I be able to use nouveau to replace nv? or nvidia?

Asked by Geoff123 on 2010-02-24

I wanted to try nouveau so I tried replacing "nv" with "nouveau" in the xorg.conf file, but x does not run after re-logging in.
I also note that plymouth does not run and gives a text error when booting up. This is on latest Lucid alpha.

I have a Nvidia 9500GT card that has worked fine otherwise. I can run nv or nvidia proprietary drivers no problem. I'm currently trying nv, but used nvidia proprietary drivers until last week with no problems.

My motivation for this is that I get lower latency running audio programs with jackd/qjackctl using nv, but higher CPU, and was hoping nouveau gave me better 2D performance, but the same lower latency. I like 3D, but can do with out it for this purpose.

Should this work at this stage?
Should I report findings somewhere to help get this working?
Do you need more info that could help answer the questions?

Thanks, Geoff

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are the noveau drivers installed on the system?
What is the outout in /var/log/Xorg.0.log say when you try the nouveau driver?

Geoff123 (gsking1) said : #2

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact error and should have saved it. Yes all the nouveau drivers were installed using the ubuntu packages.

However, I've now removed the nvidia 9500GT card and am going to evaluate the motherboard video (intel/i915) for a week or two before switching back again. Once the nvidia is re-installed here or in another computer I'll start working on this again and report back with more details.

Geoff123 (gsking1) said : #3

Update. I've got nouveau working, but am having problem with the resolution. I will ask another question and also post Xorg.0.log there.

Geoff123 (gsking1) said : #4

Considering this question closed. Still having problem setting resolution using modeline in xorg.conf.