No keyboard or mouse after ubuntu 12.10 install

Asked by bj on 2012-11-06

My system works fine while I'm running off of the live cd ( I can use the keyboard and the mouse), but once I eject the live cd after install and re-boot my keyboard and mouse stop working after I log in. I'm working with people in three different threads on ubuntu forums with similar issues, so I'm trying to put out a wider search to see if anyone else is having this issue, or knows how to fix it...

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N1ck 7h0m4d4k15 (nicktux) said : #1

Hi ,
is this bug affects you ?

first search for bugs here in Launchpad and if you don't find something similar to your problem , I suggest you to open a new bug report. Developers can handle such things.

As a workaround , try to install the package gsynaptics with this command in terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)

~$ sudo apt-get install gsynaptics

and open the settings with this command

~$ gpointing-device-settings

and see what options you have there.


bj (bjforesthowell) said : #2

I can use the keyboard and mouse when I'm working off of the live CD. Once I take the live CD out, reboot, and log in I lose control of the keyboard and mosue. I would love to try this, but I have no input devices after I log in.

N1ck 7h0m4d4k15 (nicktux) said : #3

Then maybe is a problem with graphics card driver. What graphics card you use and what driver ? the open source ? (pre-intalled)

Can you login from console mode ? or recovery mode ? is you keyboard works there?

For console mode click CTRL+ALT+F2 (before login to environment)

For recovery mode hold down [SHIFT] key during PC boot until grub menu appears and select "Advanced settings" .

You can see what driver and card you use with this command

~$ lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 vga


N1ck 7h0m4d4k15 (nicktux) said : #4

If the bug you opened being accepted (confirmed) then you can mark this question as solved. Developers will ask you for details , keep your mind there :-)


bj (bjforesthowell) said : #5

SWEET! I was able to get logged into recovery mode and it gave me back my keyboard and mouse. I installed the NVIDIA drivers from....

And updated. After rebooting I saw that my global menu and launcher weren't showing up. This is a minor issue though now that I've got input devices ; )

bj (bjforesthowell) said : #6

I was able to get the top menu and launcher back using this...

As it ends up, the link I sent you in my last post just got my keyboard and mouse back. I'm not saying it wasn't helpful, but it might have worked better had I installed the drivers as described in this link.

I really want to thank you for your help, I spread the knowledge to the three different threads I was in so I hope it helps some more folks!

Thanks again!

asis (asis-ind) said : #7

I was running Ubuntu 12.10 nicely using my laptop with external USB keyboard & mouse (Inbuilt Keyboard is not working) but after update I can't login to ubuntu. Keyboard and mouse both stopped working. Please help.