Draging window with a mousepad needs extra tab for release 12.04

Asked by dum on 2012-02-16

Ubuntu unity 12.04 alpha:
After the last update (15-2-2012) the behavior of the mousepad changed.

Normaly if i want to drag or maximize a window i can double tab on the mousepad and drag the window.
After that, I release my finger and i'm done.
At this moment the mouse pounter sticks to the window (a hand icon) and it needs a extra tab to release it.

I do not like this behavior, is this changed in unity or a bug?

This did the trick:

gedit ~/.config/autostart/synclient.desktop


[Desktop Entry]
Exec=synclient LockedDrags=0
Name=No locked drag

It is not a bug but a configuration change on Ubuntu, One i do not like much.

this bug report is for collating feedback if you are also affected by this.

i hope they make a option inside mouse settings to revert the change.

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Sam_ (and-sam) said : #1

> is this changed in unity or a bug?

Can be both while it's still under developement. Please review bug reports, click on 'Bugs' on top of this page and filter age newest.
Or try there.

To follow bug status.

dum (dummyxl) said : #2

i have solved my "bug" myself, temperately

solution, I have installed Gpointing Device Settings and Disabled the
Enable locked drags option.
But after using unity for 2 hours, it came back... :-(

The option was not active when i look inside the Gpointing Device Settings application, but enable it and set it of again works.

I think there is another program that overwrite my settings but I don't know where to search.

Best Sam_ (and-sam) said : #3

Version 1.5.0+git20120210-0ubuntu2:

  * Enable tap-and-drag locked drags by default
  * Disable three-click action by default so three touch gestures work

dum (dummyxl) said : #4

Thanks Sam_, that solved my question.