ps2 mouse not working but touch pad does

Asked by Steven Carter on 2012-01-08

new install Ubuntu PS2 mouse not working on hp laptop

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Sasa Paporovic (melchiaros) said : #1

O.K sounds more like a bug.

On which version of ubuntu are you?

What so you mean with "touch pad"? -> Are you on a laptop/netbook? Or similiar?-> That is problematic. It is known that on them are sometimes deep going problems with kernel adaptions.

When it is like this, do the following:

1.Attach your mouse to your laptop and restart with attached mouse your system.

2 When restart is complete come here and read further.

3.On your desktop press "Alt" and "F2" together and see a command line input possibility.

4.Thats is not very confinience, but type:

ubuntu-bug linux-generic

in that field and you will see that apport start and gather information about your system and bring you after that to launchpad for bugreporting.

5. Fill in launchpad(after login) a good summary like: On my laptop(e.g hp pavillion hv 6000) the system could not recognize an external mous (give hints like usb whenit is like this).

6.Descripe you problem in deep on bugdescription- sit down with time and give a good description; that enhance the probapility much that someone react on.

7.On additional thing isto be done:
On the bugreporting form there is a possibility to add an attachment(bottom of the form). use it!

8. Navigate from there to filesystem -> var -> log and choose the file dmesg ; not the dmesg with number only that one without anything further.

9. Attach it with the description dmesg of my laptop or something. It contains information of the peripherial of your system and with this, what is needed to communicate with your mouse.

10. finalize your bugreport.

11. Good luck.

Sasa Paporovic (melchiaros) said : #2

to get better acces to the hardware of your system it is the best to get the very latest linux kernel.

One possibility to get the latest kernel is to get the development version of ubuntu12.04. When you want to do that give me a hint. I will help you in this case, but beware there are other problems you might be faced with. So a not working external mouse is not so bad as it looks like in the firest moment.

marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #3

are you sure you have a ps2 port on your laptop and not a s-video port? i don't know of any laptop that has a ps2 port. my brother plugged a ps2 mouse into my laptop and said it doesn't work. i had to tell him it's an s-video port. they both look the same. i'm thinking it's the same with your laptop.

you can easily get a ps2 to usb plug at any dollar store for $1 - $2

Steven Carter (fatalfruition) said : #4

Hello. Im creating the file for you now. I have an HP OmniBook6000 laptop with WattOS Ubuntu kernal with a definet mouse ps2 port theres even a little picture. Synapsis toych pad acts odd at times and mouse doesn't work. been all through the forums think its a bug. Thanks

Sasa Paporovic (melchiaros) said : #5

Hello Steven.

Well, creating the bugreport is not for me. I am not a kernel hacker.

So, what you could expect is that anybody may come arround with enough skills and will and time. This may take long! And a guarantee is not there. -> Sorry, but such this are all about probability.

When you really must have an external mouse it is like the old wise roman guy says:

A ps2 to usb plug should also help you. When usb sticks at all work on your laptop(like memory sticks),than is to expect that the kernel can handle also the mouse input on the usb port, even when a communication over the ps2 port is not possible.


From my side there is not much more, so when there are no more specific questions from your side, please close this question as solved.


Hardcore solution:

Well, it is not impossible to do that, but time consuming is a low word for that. The kernel is open to everyone and kernel driver hacking/programming also. When you have a background as programmer it is a strange option,but... you could try to get in driver programming for linux kernel -> internet search is your friend.


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