I need a driver for an ATI RAGE 128pro 32mb pci video card

Asked by Mike V

I need a driver for an ATI RAGE 128PRO PCI video card. The Package manager does not have one that will install. I am stuck running in 800 x 600 with no acceleration for any 3d games. I also need the driver to install from the package manager/installer. where can I get this driver?

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Tony Mugan (tmugan) said :

First thing ZI would try is to use the drivers supplied through the Ubuntu repositories.

Go to Applications menu, Add/Remove and search for "fglrx"

Choose the ATI binary X.Org driver that is displayed.

It may be necessary to additionally enable this driver by going to System menu, Administration, Hardware Drivers and choosing to enable the checkbox.

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Mike V (mikethegreat-adelphia) said :

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I see so much B.S. written by "experts". Ubuntu 7 and 8 will not support the older ATI (pre RADEON) cards - PERIOD. Also there is no "enable" checkbox available for this card. People shouldn't give advice unless they are familiar with the EXACT HARDWARE INVOLVED. I solved the problem by installing Freespire Linux 2.0.3.which is still compatible with the old and no longer supported-or available driver that was once available from ATI. Attempts to install the newer Ubuntu version will by default install a "dummy" driver. The more you mess with the drivers provided by the "package manager" the more you trash your system. I have been doing this for six years, I don't know what the Brits were thinking with this.

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Tony Mugan (tmugan) said :


This is not an "experts" channel, it's a community contribution.
My contribution was to try to help you.... "First thing I would try"

Your response indicates you know quite a bit about it and, presumably, you will resolve it in time.

Don't bite the hand.

All the best.

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chkneater (chkneater) said :

Well put, Mike! No two people are going to have the exact hard\software combos so it really is difficult enough without haters bringing you down. Having said that, can anyone point me to an ATI driver for RV100. I checked synaptic alreay6and multi/universe are both checked. Hardware drivers says there are no proprietary drivers in use?! The card has 128 MB and is a RV100/ 7000 seriies. Thanx in advance for any help yall.

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RGM (rickrhondamurphy) said :

Mike you are awesome...but not perfect...but awesome just the same. Great answer. You may want to be softer next time but great answer.

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dcluvstuff (dcluvstuff) said :

I must agree with Mike.
I have XP,and Unbuntu installed on same hard drive,and XP runs fine with ATI card,but when I boot to Ubuntu,I get "frequency out of range errors", everytime.
When i enable integrated video,the problem goes away.
I have tried "messing" with the drivers,and no go.
I think this is a "no-brainer".
Change your card for Unbuntu!

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pg (gorski4c) said :

Actually, there was support for the ATI RAGE 128PRO PCI video card in 8.04 (v2), I know, because I'm running that very same type card now (June 2009). Works great. No modification to the drivers supplied with the system required.

Not so great (not at all) with 9.04. Also, there is/was definitely support for some of the older ATI Rage versions in the PPC versions of Ubuntu 7 and 8, although problematic. Sometimes one would need to edit the xorg.conf file and change the frequencies, especially with older G3 iMacs. Also ran fine on an old Powerbook G4 400Mhz (ATI RAGE mobility 128.)

A common problem I've seen is that folks add the PCI card to the PC, but don't modify the BIOS setting to use that card as the default video. Make sure the video card in place and apparently working before install.

So there is some limited support, and at times frustrating, for ATI RAGE video cards in Ubuntu 7 and 8.