Install screen too big on my monitor and can't access the do something else button

Asked by shay on 2012-03-15

I have my Ubuntu disk (latest version) and when I start the pc with disk in, I get the try or install page. Normal. Except thr window is too big on my monitor and there is no adjustment to resize or fit so I can't see all the screen and access the do something else button. I want to install on another dedicated drive in the pc so as to leave drive c with just windows. How do I get the screen to fit?

Please post an answer soon. I'm sitting here waiting to install and hay! I'm stuck.



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shay (shayfitzgeraldesq) said : #1

Hello! Anybody got a solution? I'm running windows 7 and the monitor is Philips 42" plasma professional monitor
BDS4231R-00. :0

If you hold SHIFT, you can drag an app window from any point. The monitor is fairly inconsequential, we need the video chip you are using...

shay (shayfitzgeraldesq) said : #3

I've tried holding shift but can only drag from the top of the window and only move the window down screen. So still can't see the buttons at the bottom of the window. Actually it's the same on all windows I open in the try option. I'm there now. Re the chip, is that the graphics card? It's a gigabyte gt-430 GV-N430OC-1GL.

Also tried display settings but again not possible to confirm thr selection as the button is at the bottom of the window.

Try the boot option:


You will then use the nv driver and may help

shay (shayfitzgeraldesq) said : #5

I've also right clicked on the minimise button but the resize option is not available. And I tried the high res option but it made everything even bigger and I saw less window.

shay (shayfitzgeraldesq) said : #6

Sorry, where and how do I try the boot option. (I'm new at this)

shay (shayfitzgeraldesq) said : #8

Aha! Thanks. I'm trying it now. I'll get back to you.

shay (shayfitzgeraldesq) said : #9

Hi. I afraid I have no boot option nouveau.blacklist=1 showing in boot options. Any discussion threads I'm reading in the forums seem very reliant on the user having great knowledge about code etc. the installation really shouldn't be this demanding. Is this an unusual bug or has it appeared before?
Still stuck!

Should I be using an installer?

shay (shayfitzgeraldesq) said : #10

I'm now on the try first install from the disk. Nowhere is there an option to resize or change the resolution of the display successfully. Can this really be the case? Has anyone got the fix for this? Please send me before I get disalusioned by the whole thing and throw my hat at it.
It renders the whole notion of simplicity and user friendliness a nonsense if one you can't even fit the installation screen on your monitor. What an oversight! Why is the default resolution for UBUNTU on my monitor 720 x 400 (9:5)
What monitor does tha suit???

And how do I change it?

Anybody. Is there a setting to allow the screen to pan with the mouse?

shay (shayfitzgeraldesq) said : #11

Got it.

 Using the tab on the keyboard and working in the blind. Luckily happened to stop on the apply button in display settings and bam! 1280 x 768 (16:10)


Thanks anyway.

You should really sort that out.