xchat will not connect

Asked by Ashton on 2008-02-02

I have looked at the answers for the other questions posted under this problem and they have not helped me.

I am not as savvy as the rest of you here, I'm a relatively new windows-convert. I have been trying to connect to xchat but I keep getting the "Unknown host, maybe you misspelled it?" message. For a while I was able to connect to irchighway (the only network I use) by connecting to specific locations (dragoon.va.us.irchighway.net, for example, rather than just irchighway.net) but now even that isn't working.

I tried Dave Meikle's advice about trying to connect with "elnet irc.freenode.net 6667," but this didn't work. Does this mean that my router/network is the problem, and not xchat itself? I have trouble believing this is the problem because I can connect to irchighway on other programs such as Konversation, as well as through mIRC on my old windows computer.

I guess it might sound stupid that I'm worrying about xchat when other programs work, but it still bothers me that it doesn't work. Anyway, any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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Ivan Lautaro Lemos (ivancete) said : #1

Try wiht firestarter, an utility to configure the firewall and permit to xchat to connect and accept the ports...
or try with reinstall xchat, or an other version (most new or an old) of this program...
or use others program to chat in the irc net:
Konversation ( http://konversation.kde.org/ )
KVIrc ( http://www.kvirc.net/ )
BitchX ( http://www.bitchx.org/ )
Xchat ( http://www.xchat.org/ )
ChatZilla! ( http://chatzilla.hacksrus.com/ )
irssi ( http://www.irssi.org/ )
Pidgin ( http://pidgin.im )

hope this help

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