I installed xbmc eden with ubuntu 11.10 video is choppy and sound as well

Asked by Leslie Jones

My mouse is out of control, the video is beautiful but out of sync, and sound is choppy.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

I suggest you post on an XBMC forum too. Make sure you install the proprietary drivers for video if you have an Nvidia or AMD GPU.

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Nathan (natethegreat141990) said :

Does the video play fine on Totem?

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hussi hales (hussihales) said :

It seems like you're experiencing several issues with XBMC (now known as Kodi) on Ubuntu 11.10. Ubuntu 11.10 is quite outdated, and XBMC Eden is an older version of Kodi, so compatibility and performance issues are expected. However, you can try some troubleshooting steps to improve the situation:

Hardware Requirements: Ensure that your hardware meets the minimum requirements for XBMC Eden. Older hardware may struggle with high-definition video playback.

Graphics Drivers: Make sure you have the correct graphics drivers installed for your graphics card. Outdated or generic drivers can cause video playback issues.

Software Updates: Ubuntu 11.10 is no longer supported, and you should consider upgrading to a more recent version of Ubuntu if possible. This will give you access to updated software and drivers.

XBMC/Kodi Settings: Within XBMC/Kodi, you can adjust various settings to improve performance and audio/video sync. Here's how:

Video Settings:

In XBMC/Kodi, go to System > Settings > Video.
Adjust the "Render Method" and "Sync Playback to Display" options.
Try different "Playback modes" like "VDPAU" or "VA-API" based on your graphics card.
Audio Settings:

In XBMC/Kodi, go to System > Settings > System > Audio output.
Adjust the audio output settings, including the audio output device and pass-through settings if you have a home theater setup.
Mouse Control: If your mouse is behaving erratically, check your mouse settings in Ubuntu. Go to System Settings > Mouse and Touchpad and adjust sensitivity and acceleration settings.

Codecs and Media Files: Ensure that you have the necessary codecs installed to play your media files. You may need to install additional multimedia codecs to improve compatibility.

Background Processes: Check if any other background processes or applications are consuming system resources. Close unnecessary programs to free up system resources for XBMC/Kodi.

Hardware Acceleration: If your hardware supports it, enable hardware acceleration for video playback. This can significantly improve video playback performance.

Upgrading: Consider upgrading to a more recent version of Kodi and Ubuntu. Newer versions are likely to have better support for modern hardware and improved stability.

Seek Help from Kodi Community: Visit the Kodi forums or community for specific assistance with XBMC Eden. They may have solutions or workarounds for your particular hardware and software configuration.

Please note that using outdated software versions may pose security risks, so it's generally recommended to keep your operating system and applications up-to-date. If upgrading to a newer Ubuntu release is an option, it's advisable for both security and compatibility reasons. by https://powersourceelectrical.co.uk/

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