Webcam on ASUS F5R. Build-in Syntek Web Cam - Asus A8J, F3S, F5R, VX2S, V1S

Asked by Rob Frerejean on 2009-07-25

I found a user manual to install my webcam, but I am having some problems.

Here is the user manual.

I get to this point...make -f Makefile.standalone, but there it does not seem to do what it Should.

make -f Makefile-syntekdriver install give´s me so many error messages. I don´t know what to do now.

I can put the output here, but I have to switch to english first. I use a Dutch version.

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Rob Frerejean
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Rob Frerejean (hffrerejean) said : #1

Here is the output of the command....

I use sudo, because if I don´t nothing happens at all.

rob@rob-laptop:~/stk11xx-2.1.0$ sudo make -f Makefile.standalone
make -C /lib/modules/2.6.28-14-generic/build SUBDIRS= modules
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.28-14-generic'
  CHK include/linux/version.h
  CHK include/linux/utsrelease.h
  SYMLINK include/asm -> include/asm-x86
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `kernel/bounds.c', needed by `kernel/bounds.s'. Stop.
make[1]: *** [prepare0] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.28-14-generic'
make: *** [driver] Error 2

Rob Frerejean (hffrerejean) said : #3

Didn´t work. Sorry.

Seems to affect more than just webcams

Rob Frerejean (hffrerejean) said : #5

Guess I have bad luck here. I think I need to buy a external webcam. One which is known to work with Linux witout adding extra drivers and so on. That´s what I love about Linux. I don´t have to install drivers at all.