USB "plug and Play" webcam will not install with or without the provided disk...Permissions?!?!

Asked by James Robert Taylor on 2011-02-05

  Well, thats just it...I cant even get the machine to power on. The system recognizes and mounts the disk, but each time I try to run the "Setup Magician" , the Archive Magician says there are "code line errors. I cant find a Linux based webcam ANYWHERE even close to where I live and had assumed that the device would be easily this an issue best dealt with using the Terminal? If so, can anyone enlighten me as to the necessary commands? I would really appreciate the time and effort anyone inclined to assist me might make to help me resolve this pressing issue....I am leaving for the Far East on a 2-year contract Tuesday next and was hoping to be able to see my baby daughter using this frustrating little piece of USB hardware.

Again, Thank you , whomever you are, in advance...


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The CD is a Windows driver. Ubuntu is not Windows, it is a distributioon of Linux. The CD, I am 99% sure, is of zero value to you.

If you install and run cheese, do you see yourself?

Thank you Andrew, and my apologies for being unaware of S.O.P. for the forum and its' expectations...This issue was the impetus for my first use thereof. I just installed Ubuntu and am afraid I am woefully unaware of the protocols associated therewith. Here's hoping my ignorance hasn't caused a SNAFU....


And, with that said, I hope someone will still be willing to enlighten me as to what "cheese" is.....

Cheese is an app to take a picture of what it sees as well as record video. It is a great tool to check if your webcam is running ok. If you use software centre and install the app. You will then see it available somewhere in your Applications menu, once you run it you will see if your camera is working. If not, we can take more actions but if it's already working then it's a waste of time asking the usual questions.

  Hey...THANK YOU! When that light went on it was a huge weight off my mind and an exciting prospect for getting more than the allocated video chat time with my girls while active.... Since the picture comes up 5 by 5 and Cheese seems to automatically mount and make available video images; what is my next step?
  Again, thank you. I am so grateful to you and the others that make this operating system and its' use outstanding...


So we know the driver is around and the camera now works, just use it as you expect in an app like amsn or skype or whatever technology you intend to use.

Is it ok?

I am currently downloading Skype from the software centre and will check the efficacy of the camera once said action is complete. Quick question: should Cheese be running in conjunction with the application or is that unnecessary? I'm sure I will soon find out, in either case....

  OUTSTANDING. Andrew, you have been an invaluable ally and source of knowledge for me. I am in your debt. I will be a far happier Vandoo now that I can see my girls from halfway around the world and while at sea. Thank you.