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Answered 697051 CONFIG_WNM disabled for bionic and focal 2021-05-13 18:16:41 UTC Fabian Answered
Solved 679324 wpasupplicant version 2.7 availability? 2019-03-19 09:54:36 UTC Jan Fuchs Solved
Solved 659546 Krack WPA2 Threat protection 2017-10-16 21:05:50 UTC Joe Bachofen Solved
Solved 659543 wpasupplicant nonce vulnerability (DSA-3999-1) 2017-10-16 19:12:17 UTC Aardvark Llama Solved
Answered 230697 why is the raring version of wpasupplication compiled without CONFIG_AP=y 2013-06-13 12:47:45 UTC airtonix Answered
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