how to run exe files in ubuntu?

Asked by swamina on 2009-06-24

hi. i want to use winlink 1000 manager(wireless point to point software) in my ubuntu enabled how to run the exe file given in my winlink 1000 manager cd..........
can any one help me out of it.............
thank you............

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swamina (swamina87) said : #1

can any one explain me the step by step procedure to do i am a new one to this platform...... thank you........

Best Vilson Gjeci (vilsongjeci) said : #2

Maybe you need to install Wine. Go to System --> Administration --> Synaptic Package Manager and there choose and install Wine. After that click with the right button of the mouse the program you wish to install and choose Open With Wine.
Hope it was of any help.

swamina (swamina87) said : #3

Thanks Vilson Gjeci, that solved my question.

swamina (swamina87) said : #4

thank you very much Vilson Gjeci. as u said i tried using wine.istallation of the package is done. but i cant run the application. its not opening at all.what shall i do now.can u please help me.

Please write down step by step, how you tried to run the program, and write down any error messages that may have popped up.

Tom (tom6) said : #6

The best thing is to avoid using Windows software in Linux. It's not really meant to work at all as linux is a completely different Operating System and has a completely different set of programs most of which are free (and also much better anyway). To find a native linux equivalent of your wireless program try going up to the top taskbar and click on

System - Administration - Synaptic Package Manager

it asks for your normal user password, not your SuperUser/Root one. Either search tool but preferably the "Search" button, because it searches in package descriptions as well as titles so you can be much more vague. I think you might need to look for something like "wireless virtual private networking" or "wireless point to point". Things that are already installed on your system are marked with a green splodge. To install soemthing try right-click and choos "install". While you're in Synaptic it might also be worth clicking on the "Mark all updates" button before finally clicking on "Apply"

If you really can't find a linux equivalent or are otherwise determined to use Windows software then Wine has a database to look u the particular program in to see how other people managed to get it to work or what they have tried so far. Adding comments to the Wine application database is a great way to help linux as many noobs like to use Windows software until they begin to get used to working in linux

If you can't find your program in there then try just booting back into Windows for the one or 2 things you haven't found out about in linux yet. Most of us keep a working dual-boot fro various reasons, mostly fun and helping people out with their Windows troubles
Note that as linux can read Windows data it's easier to keep a file saved on the Windows side and then work on it from the linux side. Even including the time to reboot i found this gave me a significant speed boost on just working on something in Windows, thanks to Windows slow-downs, lack of adequate security and constant scanning and updating for "security reasons" (which still leave the machine vulnerable)

If you have already wiped out Windows on your machine or need the program to work inside linux then consider re-installing Windows inside a Virtual Machine inside linux. VirtualBox is a popular vmware package, easily found in Synaptic :) Note that installing Windows in this way should allow you to use the same product key as before becaus it's just a 'reinstall to the same machine' and Windows sophisticated checking system easily agrees with this :)

Hope something here helps!
Good luck and regards from
Tom :)

swamina (swamina87) said : #7

Thanks Vilson Gjeci, that solved my question.

sid12122 (sid12122003) said : #9

hi i want to install flatout 2 .exe game in my ubuntu os. there is reading error in .exe file.
how can i solve this problem .please help me out

Tom (tom6) said : #10


Please re-post this as a new question
and also read Vilson's answer in this thread at LaunchPad.

You might try also checking out the Wine forums and look up (in the Wine Application Database) the particular Windows game that you are trying to run
to see what tricks other people have used to run this non-linux game in Linux.

Good luck and regards from
Tom :)