unable to install IIFLTTClient.msi files in wine

Asked by Ritankar Sarkar on 2012-07-20

I am trying to install IIFLTTClient.msi from the Downloads folder for which i gave the following commands to the terminal:

himangshu@CYBORG:~$ cd /home/himangshu/Downloads
himangshu@CYBORG:~/Downloads$ wine msiexec /i IIFLTTClient.msi

After this in the terminal this is coming:

fixme:process:SetProcessShutdownParameters (00000380, 00000000): partial stub.
fixme:ntoskrnl:KeInitializeSpinLock stub: 0x548024
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a060, {485e7de8-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fde0, (null), (null), 0x100a068,): stub
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a080, {485e7de9-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fde0, (null), (null), 0x100a088,): stub
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a0a0, {485e7dea-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fde0, (null), (null), 0x100a0a8,): stub
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a0c0, {485e7deb-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fde0, (null), (null), 0x100a0c8,): stub
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a0e0, {485e7dec-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fde0, (null), (null), 0x100a0e8,): stub
fixme:advapi:RegisterTraceGuidsW (0x100778a, 0x100a100, {485e7ded-0a80-11d8-ad15-505054503030}, 1, 0x33fde0, (null), (null), 0x100a108,): stub
fixme:win:RegisterDeviceNotificationW (hwnd=0x130648, filter=0x54e8ec,flags=0x00000001) returns a fake device notification handle!
fixme:storage:create_storagefile Storage share mode not implemented.
fixme:msi:ITERATE_CreateShortcuts poorly handled shortcut format, advertised shortcut
fixme:msi:ITERATE_CreateShortcuts poorly handled shortcut format, advertised shortcut

Now in the desktop 2 files are getting created, one is IIFLTT.lnk and the other is IIFLTT and none of them are working or opening

I downloaded this software from this page: http://www.indiainfoline.com/TT.aspx

The Direct link to download this software: http://content.indiainfoline.com/IIFLTT/EXE/IIFLTTClient.msi

This Software requires .net2.0 sp2 for which i installed the same using these commands on terminal

himangshu@CYBORG:~$ wget http://winetricks.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/src/winetricks
himangshu@CYBORG:~$ bash winetricks dotnet20sp1
himangshu@CYBORG:~$ bash winetricks dotnet20sp2

I started using linux today itself and this is the first time i am using any kind of linux. so you can understand I am extremely novice,and it will be very helpful and generous if you can give me step by step method, on how to get it installed. I am using ubuntu 12.04 lts

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What does IIFLTTClient.msi install?

@actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) its a online share trading terminal.

You may need a virtual machine with a full Windows OS. I suggest you contact the thing it connects to to see if there is a Linux equivalent application

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