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Asked by moorthy.d on 2010-11-17

Microsoft student encarta software or equalint software available in Ubuntu,
if available how to install please explain detaily.

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Why not just use the internet. You are connected to the largest information database known to mankind and you want a small subset of it installing on your system? Just websearch for what you need. There are thosands of information sits like wikipedia and people giving talks on youtube etc to make encarta stagnant and obsolete.

I have two child's,
today also asking with me some Gk question,
iam search web through no problem,
but,they will continuously need to always use off-line only,
cannot permit through web,
so, i think encarta like that software very useful for kids,
Ubuntu like that software if available how to install in Ubuntu.

marcus aurelius (adbiz) said : #3

you are restricting the growth of your children by not allowing them access to the internet. children in their first year of school are accessing the internet in countries all over the world. if you're worried about them accessing pornography (which is highly unlikely), in you enable parent control to restrict sites based on keywords.



Encyclopedias have been discontinued due to the rapid technology advances and information with the Internet. Microsoft Student Encarta actually was discontinued in the year 2009 and won't be updated.
I suggest to you to incorporate the Internet in your home, there are several applications to block certain content from the Internet that are offensive to your children.

Best regards,

thanks all,
how enable parent control in Ubuntu,
don't mistake me iam fresher user in ubuntu,
but really enjoying with Kubuntu operating system also this community help.

Thanks actionparsnip, that solved my question.