Does Ubuntu 10.04 get affected by viruses include in Microsoft Windows Programs when they run by Wine?

Asked by Hasantha Sumudupriya on 2010-11-16

I am using Ubuntu 10.04. I use Wine to run Microsoft Windows programs. I want to ask that, Will Ubuntu 10.04 get affected if Microsoft Windows programs have viruses, when they run by Wine. Please answer to my question! Please help me!!!!!!

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Wine can be affected but its affects will only affect ~/.wine so can be easily cleaned. Windows viruses will not affect linux but the OS may be used to spread viruses if you run a fileserver (for example) and have windows cliebts copying files to and from each other via the server. One other time you need antivirus is for a mail server, again this is to protect the clients.

Personally I forsee Ubuntu specific viruses in the future but it is my conjecture and not fact, they'd also have minimal effects due to the user modelling in Ubuntu being good rather than the dumbass Windows default user being the administrator and running every app will full system access. For the forseeable future you are safe.

Oh, I can't understand the above answer with my knowledge. Please! can you simplify the answer? Please!!!!!

Jack Leigh (leighman) said : #3

Wine can run viruses in some cases, so you should still take care.
At this stage, they shouldn't be able to affect your computer in the same way as on Windows but could still affect your files or external drives.

In wine the "C drive" is ~/.wine/drive_c and are the only files affected by the windows virus. If you give access to other folders then it can affect those too (Like external media) but the viruses themselves will not affect ubuntu as it is not windows, ubunti is a distribution of linux.

Thanx. Did you mean that, "When running Windows Programs in Ubuntu using Wine, the viruses of those programs will only effect "~/.wine/drive_c" directory and if you give access to other folders, those folders also will be affected" ?

The files may get affected, you can see the shared folders in winecfg but the viruses won't affect your Linux OS. You may pass them on to Windows users though but they should definately have AV

Thank You All of my friends for your help!!!!!