how to add Microsoft Outlook onto Ubuntu linux

Asked by Rich.b

Please could someone help me:- How do I use Microsoft Outlook on Ubuntu 10.04 I believe that its something to do with Wine but I do not know how to use this.

I have Microsoft install disk for Outlook.



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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

You can install wine using software centre.

I'd use Office 2000, XP or 2007. Obviously you will need a legal license for the software. Do you use Exchange as a mail server?

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PeterPall (peterpall) said :

Hello, there,

The more stylish way to get access to your emails and calendar would be the following:
 1.) install thunderbird on your old windows installation, and as soon as firefox asks if it should import all mails tell it to do so
 2.) Start synaptics (System/Administration/Synaptics Package Manager) and
 3.) copy the contents of thunderbird profile folder from the windows installation to the .thunderbird folder in your home directory on the linux installation
 4.) Start the thunderbird of the ubuntu installation and install all the add-ons for thunderbird you want to use.

The idea of Thunderbird is to build a extremely fast and lean E-mail program that does not contain features that might be unnecessary to you.
...But it has a extremely flexible extensions system that made it possible to move big parts of the program that not everybody will need (like the calendar, which has been named "lightning") to an extension.
So with the right extensions it will most probably match your needs much better than outlook ever did.

For details see

If you really want to keep using your old E-Mail program inserting the cd and double-clicking on the installer that is to be found there (most of the times it is named setup.exe) should start up wine and the installer that installs outlook.

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actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

If you aren't accessing an Exchange email server then there is very little reason to use Outlook. You can will find the native email clients run smoother and more reliably than anything you can run in wine

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PeterPall (peterpall) said :

If you don't like thunderbird you might want to try evolution - which is already part of the default installation of ubuntu:
This E-Mail program is more Outlook-like since it is already shipped with a calendar and all other functions you will ever need - but that does not give you many more ways to configure it than outlook does.

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Rich.b (aybi30) said :

Thanks to Peter Pall and Actionparsnip. Sorry I did not express myself very well.

What I would like to do are 2 things.

1/ be able to access Microsoft Office (which I have many invoices and letters from my business) and be able to edit and save them on Ubuntu.

2/ My daughter would like write/edit files and save them in a Microsoft WORD format. ( if they are save from Ubuntu Word does not seam to recognise these file .org files.

About Email program I have a number on Hotmail/Gmail/BT so there is no problem...thanks and I do use Evolution as well.


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Best actionparsnip (andrew-woodhead666) said :

You can run Office in Wine but its not brilliant. If you have the brass you could shell out for crossover office and it may run better. If your companies run Office 2007 then it can happily open and save ODT format files quite happily.

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Rich.b (aybi30) said :

OK thanks that answers my question

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marcobra (Marco Braida) (marcobra) said :

The installed OpenOffice can open,modify and save document in .doc word format...

New to Ubuntu: read the Ubuntu Manual, it's very informative:
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