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Asked by Aman on 2009-08-17


I am facing problems in using VNC viewer. I have installed vnc server as well as client in UBUNTU 8.04 and when i run vncserver in ubuntu my friend can access my ubuntu machine remotely and can work but when i try to connect his vnc server to view his windows desktop with the command "vncviewer -fullscreen xx.xx.xx.xx:0", i always get failed with an error "vncviewer: ConnectToTcpAddr: connect: Connection refused
Unable to connect to VNC server".

I used the tutorial on the page
And my friend successfully connect using GUI of VNC viewer from windows but i am not able to connect his windows machine from here in ubuntu 8.04.

Hoping for a solution soon......


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'Connection refused' means that the computer you are attempting to connect is not accepting VNC connections. This could because you have entered the wrong IP address or your friends VNC server is not running.

I would suggest trying these things

a) Double check the address of your friends computer.
b) Check if your friends computer has a firewall.
c) Can you access anything else on your friends computer?
d) Check to make sure that your friends VNC server is running.
e) Is your friends VNC server running on the standard port or a different port? What does vncviewer -fullscreen x.x.x.x:1 do?

Best LEGOManiac (bzflaglegomaniac) said : #2

Even if your friend's computer doesn't have a firewall, he may have an external one. I highly recommend those, however, he must set up port forwarding on it to re-direct the port you want to use for VNC back to his PC.

What he SHOULD have (at least) is a port forwarding setting that maps an obscure port on the internet to his PC's VNC port. Let's say his PC's address, behind his firewall, is, then the firewall would have an entry that says something like:

Name: VNC Forwarding
Incoming Port: 31415
Forwarded Port: 5900
Forward to:

This means that to connect to his VNC server, listening on port 5900, YOU would actually have to connect to port 31415 at whatever his external IP address is at the time. This can be classified as "security by obscurity". You should both still be using stong passwords on your VNC servers. I guarantee you that if you leave port 5900 hanging around on the internet, someone is going to try to hack it. Been there, done that.

Aman (indian-munnda) said : #3

Hello guys,

I am very thankful to you both (Michael and LEGOManiac) for your kind replies to me.

Guys i did port forwarding in my friend's machine and i succeeded.

Thanks guys

Aman (indian-munnda) said : #4

Thanks LEGOManiac, that solved my question.