Is VMware player working with 12.04 daily builds?

Asked by Marco Parillo on 2012-01-13

I tried installing two 12.04 daily builds (2012-01-13 and 2012-01-12) on VMware Player, and the installer seemed to go through the shut-down after the initial install, but could not come up on re-start.
If this should be working, where should I be reporting this?

11.10 works fine for me on VMware Player.

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Did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #2

Yes, I did thanks. It matched.

If you remove the boot options: quiet splash

You can watch the boot messages. May give some clues.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #4

Thank you for the idea to change the boot options, but I assume they are stored in a file?
Because I am trying to install 11.04 into a VMware player, the only files exposed to me through the host OS are VMware files, really just containers for the guest OS filesystem(s), that I do not see until a successful boot.
I will try again with a new daily build, or may simply wait for Alpha 2.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #5

Note that I am running VMware Player 4.01 on Win7 and unable to install a daily build of either Ubuntu or Kubuntu) as a guest OS.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #6

Interesting...I was successful on VirtualBox, but not on VMware Player with Kubuntu daily build 12.01.17

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #7

And now I was successful on VirtualBox, but not on VMware Player with Ubuntu daily build 12.01.17

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #8

Instead of pointing VMware Player directly to the ISO and using Easy Install, select the option to Install the Operating System later. With this option, I was able to manually install the 2012.01.18 daily Kubuntu build (the buttons for Ubuntu were outside the VMware window, and I could not scroll).

You can hold ALT and drag an app window from ANY point in it, you can then click the buttons.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #10

I think the ALT and drag works once you install Ubuntu. But on the Installation it did not for me. What did work was clicking the gear, selecting displays, and changing the display from 640x480 to a more reasonable number. So, now the workaround of using the manual install instead of the Easy Install works for me in Ubuntu as well as in Kubuntu.

Marco Parillo (marco-parillo) said : #11

Recently VMware pushed version 4.0.2 of VMware Player.
I was able to point VMware Player directly to the ISO and select Easy Install to install both Kubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 and Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 each with VMware Tools.